“Strength and Freedom”

Jan 12 – Feb 1

“Treasure”- Kellie Edwards

I am a figurative and landscape artist based in Northland producing work in both oils and soft pastels.

Auckland Technical Institute is where I studied Art and Design full time, then took up a scholarship at Auckland Society of Arts majoring in painting. I have won awards in national and international art competitions and this year have been juried an associate member of the Pastel Society of America.

My aim is to create beautiful reminders to prioritise the moments in the everyday that give some lift and nourish our spirits.  Moments of awe in the landscape, moments of connection, special quiet moments of reflection and moments celebrating big leaps of faith – all points to remember and treasure. 

Art isn’t only a means of expression, it is also a means of exploring and learning.   This exhibition “Strength and Freedom” is a collection of pieces predominantly using female figures, fabric and light to express abstract concepts.  Created both as personal messages and as encouragement to others, these paintings are intended to inspire the viewer to think compassionately and encouragingly toward themselves.

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