Margriet Bruin

Fun classes for everyone!
On Fridays from 03 May till 07 June @ 10am At Reyburn Art Studio, 
Reyburn Lane, Whangarei.  Phone 09-4354256 or 0211904200 to book now!

Fri 3 May 10 AM    Colour mixing – Lesson 1                     
Paint Landscape                                       
Using acrylic paint on paper. High and low horizon experiment with the primary colours. Get a list ready to for any purchasing of supplies that may be needed

Fri 10 May 10AM    Getting paper ready for painting with GESSO Lesson 2                     
Paint still life – Flowers in a Vase                                       
We will paint a real classic!  A floral bouquet within a setting, eg: fruit and bottles. Please get involved in the set up of this installation

Fri 17 May 10AM    Getting paper ready for painting with GESSO Lesson 3                     
Painting Boxes                                       
Painting boxes is exciting. You can choose as many as you like. We look at straight lines and shadows and possibly different colours for different sides. The Box is not necessarily a Box,  it could be on the table, sit on a chair,  be in a landscape or anywhere. This is thinking outside the Box. The    choice is yours.

Fri 24 May 10AM Red – Yellow – Blue – White – Black
Lesson 4 Getting paper ready for painting with GESSO
Primary Colours – no mixing
Today we’re making a Town Landscape, houses, streets, an imaginary city

Fri 31 May 10 AM   Getting paper ready for painting with GESSO Lesson 5                     
Making a Seascape                                       
Bring with you a Seascape Picture or some yellow/white/blue tissue paper to crumble as a sample/expression of the beach. Keep in mind that we will PAINT a picture, not a photo : )
Fri 7 June 10 AM     Getting paper ready for painting with GESSO Lesson 6                     
Non Dominant Hand FUN                                       
Today we will have fun creating Art with the Non Dominant Hand (Left or Right) to show you how to shut out the critical parent that is installed in each of us. This technique allows you to work freely within yourself and on your Canvas. Let’s get creative!
$20 a session or $120 for all six lessons

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