The Reyburn Art Studio is located just a short stroll from the main art gallery and is a community space for hire, where various art groups, workshops and other exciting things.

The Art studio is also home to two great Northland groups who base their headquarters here. The Firebirds pottery group make and create ceramic wonders in their bespoke studio with kiln room, and Fire Frenzy, a group who perform amazing visual displays and work closely with fire.


Studio Rates

The Art Studio is available to book from 8am in the morning until 11pm at night.

From 8am-5pm there is a minimum of a three hour booking period, but after 5pm, it can be booked by the hour.

Casual Booking – $10 an hour

Regular bookings receive a discount and will be charged $7.50 an hour, please email the office if you would like to book the space on a regular basis,

The Studio can be booked in person at Reyburn Gallery with one of our Gallery Attendants, on online via email with our office manager –

For room access, a key can be borrowed from our Gallery Attendant during Gallery opening hours. Please have $20 cash to leave as security for the key, this will be returned to you upon return of the key.

All images contained within this site are the property of the Northland Society of Arts or the original artist and as such are protected by copyright laws.

Reproduction without the written permission of the Society or the artist is illegal.

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