All workshops are held in the Society’s Studios, Reyburn House Lane, Whangarei – just across the lawn from Reyburn House Gallery. Costs are $50 per course/day or $45 for an NSA member. Payment to be made on the day directly to your tutor (or by special arrangement).

We have printed copies of the course details on-site at Reyburn House so you can pop in and pick one up, or we will email the information out approximately 3 weeks BEFORE the course commences.

If, later, you find you cannot attend, please ring your course Tutor well in advance of the course (if last-minute, unavoidable circumstances arise, ring by 8.00 a.m. on the day) so someone on the waiting list can be invited to come.

Workshops Schedules: October/November 2018

Elena Nikolaeva  09 431 4741      email :

   Sunday 30 September  “Composition– Advanced”

Composition. Composition. At the heart of every painting!We again address this all important subject, and the need to think analytically about how to approach a painting, to ensure the elements “gel” and you produce an arresting result.Previously we have worked on Robert Burridge’s 3 basic types of LANDSCAPE composition. That was just the beginning. There are a dozen more variations, and in this workshop we will practise Robert’s formulae for the first 3 of these, which cover a whole range of subject matters.Elena will demonstrate each one and you will then practise that formula on a small canvas. Each composition will go on a separate small canvas.By the end of the day you will have accomplished a library of 3 compositions – simple paintings, “recipes” for your own future reference. When you undertake your next painting there will be a growing library to consult.In a future workshop we will look at 9 more compositions from Robert Burridge’s stimulating library of suggestions.

   Sunday 7 October   “Poliptich, Extend your creativity in another direction”

This workshop offers you something totally different from a traditional painting which uses one rectangular canvas.You will create one picture which is developed over several canvases, assembling them finally as a Poliptych.This is a well known idea in contemporary art where artists use multiple numbers and sizes of canvases or boards to make one composition. This can create unusual effects with strong visual divisions between parts of the painting. The sizes of these parts may be different, the number  You will create a contemporary poliptych painting on 5 canvases, organized into one composition in your own personal way.You will be guided through the difficulties and shown easy ways to organize your final 5 part composition.

   Sunday 14 October  “NZ Master, Shona McFarlane”

Shona McFarlane is one of NZ most recognizable artists of the 20TH century.  She had a long, productive life, combining art, writing and active community achievements. She was president of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts for a number of years. She painted for more than 50 years, and wrote 6 books.She created thousands of paintings, from formal portraits and intricate architectural drawings, and many still-lives –the later became her trademark in later years. Watercolour and acrylics were her favourite media.She had a cheerful, sunny personality, characteristics reflected in her art.Her pure, vibrant colour palette, her free painting style and loose brushwork are very appealing. She created a world full of sun, crisp air, bright colours.In this workshop you will paint a picture, based on Shona McFarlane discoveries in visual art. You will create your own composition, not copying but being inspired by her art. You will try and find a fine balance between big flat patches of strong colours and small delicate visual accents. You will use several layers of paints, using rich vibrant palette to create transparent effects.

   Sunday 21 October  “Palette Knife Techniques– Advanced”

A favourite tool of the contemporary artist – a palette knife. Each of us uses one or two of them for mixing paints or working on canvas. It’s time to explore new possibilities with this wonderful artistic tool.  Art suppliers now offer a variety of new shapes and sizes, which provide for a wider range of techniques for contemporary artists.In this workshop you will work with a set of knives, to create 3 small pictures (landscapes), using different shaped palette knifes, to experiment with the techniques they offer and push the boundaries of their use.

   Sunday 28 October  “Working with Gold Leaf”

Gold leaf is one of the oldest materials in visual art. It was neglected for a number of years due to its high cost but recently it has seen a return to use in visual art.                  Art Suppliers today offer several great inexpensive substitutes for real gold.There are several metallic colours available in the market now: “gold”, “copper”, “silver” can be chosen to suit your ideas and personal colour palette.This workshop offers you an opportunity to play with this traditional material in a contemporary way, adding a ‘touch of gold’ to your painting.You will explore various ways to apply both ‘gold’ leaf and ‘gold’ flakes.You will create 2 paintings using these materials differently, combining them with acrylics or oils.

   Sunday 4 November  “Contemporary Portrait, Mixed Media”

This workshop will be a fun day at the Studio! Come and enjoy a creative end-of-the-year session.You will have the wonderful excuse to let loose with your brushes, canvases and a wide range of mixed media materials.You will play with a portrait of a person you know, or your dog, your cat or yourself.  It is up to you!  You will create a contemporary portrait, with big brushes or a palette knife, and use patterns, textures, rhythms and much more – all the techniques and materials you’ve learned to experiment with in previous workshops.So loosen up and be prepared to move outside the square!


Linda Sabbage  0226447699 to enquire and enrol.

Sunday 9 September “Collage, Assemblage and the Found Object”

Sunday 16 September “Contemporary Drawing Techniques and Art Journals”

Sunday 23 September “Constructive Cubism”


Saturday 6 October  “Objects of Passion and Desire”

A practical workshop exploring artists processes used to reflect urban societal issues, morals and values as they exist as at the minute.The deliberate choice of ‘objects’ over others identified them as ‘objects of desire’. They are created to tell a story……a narrative.Artist Narratives we may look at include Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Jim Dine and others.

Saturday 13 October  “Metaphors of Modernism”

A practical investigation into the art making processes of Jean- Michel Basquiat, Keith Harding and Willem de Kooning…lots of fun ,paint and collaboration.

Saturday 20 October  “The Bauhaus”

The story of the unique establishment of The Bauhaus in Germany which still reflects our design and art practices today.We will explore Johannes Ittens’ Colour Theory and then discover Paul Klee and his practical interpretation of these theories followed by investigation into Wassily Kandinsky’s colour exercises.A colourful and colour filled day!


Richard Moore

0274318392 txt/ph  to enquire and enrol.

Saturday 27 October “Charcoal Rooster” All art materials provided including paper, charcoal, blenders and a step by step booklet.  Techniques include drawing, blending, composition, realistic detail.

Suitable for  total beginners. $150 all in. (morning and afternoon tea provided).  All you need to do is arrive and enjoy the process.







with Elena Nikolaeva

Mundane objects surround us every day. That every day familiarity renders them almost invisible.This workshop invites you to open your eyes to look anew at these “invisible things” their singularity as well as the beauty that’s often to be found in their seeming ordinariness.This focus is a common subject in contemporary art which we need to explore and pay homage to the “miniscule”.

Materials list:
• medium to big canvas
• Acrylics/oils/other mediums
• Your favourite brushes and general painting gear

One day workshop: Sunday 15 Juy 2018
10.00am – 3.30pm
Fee $50. NSA Members $45



with Elena Nikolaeva

There are no borders in art. To help you push self-imposed limits you need a wide range of tools.

This workshop is a follow -up on personal spatula/squeegee/palette knife workshops and will combine the use of non-traditional tools with the whole variety of traditional painting gear. Come prepared to experiment with an abstract landscape on a BIG CANVAS.


Materials list:
• Big canvas( it might be unstretched)
• General painting gear
• Your favourite brushes – synthetic and long hair, various sizes
• Several spatulas of various widths from hardware stores
• A fine rigger brush and Palette knives.
• A squeege
• Spray bottle of water

One day workshop: Saturday 22 July 2018
10.00am – 3.30pm
Fee $50. NSA Members $45



with Elena Nikolaeva

Some contemporary artists paint on unframed canvases. It makes life easier and cheaper.

Us will have a go at painting a landscape using this approach and see where your imagination takes you. Please think about, and bring, some ideas of your own to work on.

Materials list:
• Medium to big size canvas
• Acrylics/oils/other
• Pencil and some sheets of paper for preliminary sketching
• All your favourite painting gear

One day workshop: Sunday 29 July 2018
10.00am – 3.30pm
Fee $50. NSA Members $45


autumn – contemporary

with Elena Nikolaeva

At the end of Autumn, beginning of Winter, memories of beautiful Autumn colours are still fresh. You’ll likely have your own photos of Autumn days with blazing foliage, morning haze, low soft sunlight, or crisp, clear outlines, magical close-ups.

Bring your photos and leaves you may have rescued or pressed and turn these memories into a lasting interpretation of your experience.

Materials list:
• medium to big canvases
• Your favourite brushes
• Acrylics/oils/other
• general painting gear
• photographs etc. (optional)

One day workshop: Sunday 05 August 2018
10.00am – 3.30pm
Fee $50. NSA Members $45



with Elena Nikolaeva

Well known, internationally recognisable New Zealand landscape and portrait painter, Peter McIntyre stands out as a distinguished 20th century New Zealand Master. Many will remember his remarkable contribution to NZ recorded history in the 1940’s, when he was a New Zealand war artist.

Our study will help us appreciate, and see what we can extract from his unique style. We’ll then interpret his style for ourselves in a work of our own. NOTE: we will not be copying Peter McIntyre. You may not copy another artist’s work and exhibit or sell a copies work, or make changes in a copy of an original work and claim it as your own.

Materials list:
• medium to big canvases
• your general painting gear
• Brushes of various sizes
• paper for preliminary sketching
• All your usual artistic gear

One day workshop: Saturday 12 August 2018
10.00am – 3.30pm
Fee $50. NSA Members $45



Feel free to contact any Tutor or inquire about joining a group.

• Acrylic painting with Jan Stephens (435 5944) Monday Mornings

• Porcelain Doll Club with Lynaire Hawkins (433 5894) 2nd & last Monday of each month

• Party House Group – untutored (Dree Wilkinson – 436 2079) Tuesday mornings

• Pastels with Neil Beart (436 0300) Tuesday 1pm to 3pm

• Wednesday Painters – untutored (Lori Dods – 027 498 6073) Wednesday 9.30am – 2pm

• Oh So Arty – untutored (Claire Walls – 021 1693 525) Wednesday 5.30pm – 9pm

• Riverside Painters – untutored (Di Badham – 027 610 0307 ) Thursday 9am – 3pm

• Firebirds Pottery Group with Wendy Cunliffe (021 0691 631 ) Thursday 1pm – 6.30pm

• Yoga Group with Jenny Sutcliff (459 4000) Thursday 5pm – 7.30pm

• Oil Painters with Janice Clifton Wykes (021 550 852) Friday 10am – 3pm

• Tutors: Richard & Diana Moore (431 8383 / 027 431 8392) Tuesday 9.00am – 4pm



To enquire about the NSA Workshops, or to apply to enrol, please phone in the first instance your course Tutor.
Alternatively phone Reyburn House Gallery (09) 438 3074, or email us with your full contact details – phone, address, email, so we can respond with the appropriate follow-up. (Gallery hours are 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Tuesday to Friday and 1.00 to 4.00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.)

NOTE: Should you wish the Workshop Tutor to provide your materials; this can be arranged for an additional materials fee.

Payment for each workshop to be made to the tutor, in cash or by cheque, on the day of each workshop.


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