Throughout the year established artists put together a series of workshops, generally run at the weekends. These are open for anyone to join so please get in contact with the tutors to book a place.

To keep up to date with workshops that are available and to secure your place early, check this page often. Alternatively, why not apply to become a member of the Northand Society of Arts and get emailed when new art workshops arrive.

Upcoming Workshops

Sunday 25th April – Creating Atmosphere in a Landscape with Elena Nikolaeva………….MORE INFO

Saturday 1st May – Composition, The Power of Repetition with Elena Nikolaeva …………MORE INFO

Sunday 2nd May – Mosaic Stepping Stones, Fun for kids of all ages with Lauri Jenson …………MORE INFO

Saturday/Sunday 8th & 9th May – Gouache Weekend Workshop with Adrienne Dietrich …………MORE INFO

Sunday 16th May – Learning from NZ Master Luise Fong with Elena Nikolaeva………….MORE INFO

Sunday 23rd May – Exploring Outlines and Patterns with Different Tools with Elena Nikolaeva…….MORE INFO

Sunday 30th May – Painting Techniques on a Mixed Media Background with Elena Nikolaeva……..MORE INFO


To enquire about the NSA Workshops, or to apply to enroll, unless otherwise directed, please phone in the first instance your course Tutor.
Alternatively phone Reyburn House Gallery (09) 438 3074, or email us with your full contact details – phone, address, email, so we can respond with the appropriate follow-up. (Gallery hours are 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Tuesday to Friday and 10.00 to 2.00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.)

All images contained within this site are the property of the Northland Society of Arts or the original artist and as such are protected by copyright laws.

Reproduction without the written permission of the Society or the artist is illegal.

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