Past Exhibitions

October 2020:

– A three week exhibition

“In my latest exhibition Animals And Mankind  I wanted to convey for the viewer the beauty, grace, power and mystery that surrounds many of the large animals, significant to mankind through the ages. This includes some fun paintings I really enjoyed creating, featuring birds wearing jewellery.  Adorned with these emblems, they are an allegorical look at the way we often anthropomorphize birds we include in our lives.” – Donna Shadick

– A three week exhibition

Melissa Bell only exhibited solo for the first time last year but since that successful exhibition she has thrown herself into her work and came back this year with a larger schedule of solo exhibitions in Northland and Auckland. Melissa owes her success to her own enjoyment of nature and by capturing as much detail as she can.

Along with receiving a couple of awards for her work, Melissa has also been in demand for tutoring art classes, which she could be possibly persuaded to restart.

Her exhibition at Reyburn House was called “Inspired by Nature” in which she shares her love of the natural world with viewers.

Melissa Bell


September 2020:

– A four week exhibition

Gwyn has been associated with the Northland Society of Arts for a couple of years now and is a familiar face around Reyburn Gallery and Art Studio. Gwyn has put together a body of work that gives viewers multiple interpretations so that each painting can involve the viewer in a unique and changing journey into their own story.

“Art can constitute a dialogue between the abstract inner world of thoughts ideas and emotion and the outer world of form, and structure. It can form a bridge between the inner worlds of two or more separate consciousness’s. My intention is always the creation of experience through art that stimulates, intrigues and invokes response and participation within the viewer. I aim for a moment caught between the work and the viewer that imbues a sense of ‘transcending    the ordinary’ and confers ownership of the experience back to the perceiver.” -Gwyn Connolly



A three week exhibition of Fun, Fancy and Frivolity

Lynda Bell may be a familiar name to many of you, and so she should! Lynda was the overall winner of last year’s Calendar Competition who has worked furiously from her studio, over at the Quarry Arts Centre, over the past year to create a whole body of work for this exhibition.

“Picnics are a time to relax and enjoy life. They are a great way to come together as a family, a group of friends or to have a romantic tryst. My memories of picnics are always embedded with fun and joy. The food is tasty, the people are relaxed and smiling and the scenery is inspiring” –Lynda Bell

This exhibition plan sparked when Lynda painted the painting: ‘Forest Picnic’ for the Northland Arts Society Annual Calendar competition. It won first prize and ended up on the cover of this year’s calendar. As soon she I painted it, she wanted to paint more. Forest Picnic is focused on animals that live in New Zealand, so she decided to paint groups of animals from various parts of the world – all coming together for a picnic of sorts – a gathering in celebration of life, oneness and liberation. The food within the paintings, symbolise sweetness and joy, with fruit in particular symbolising abundance.

This exhibition is for people of all ages. A love of colour, joy and cuteness should never leave us as we grow older, and can always come back to us, to bring new light and happiness into our lives.




August 2020:


NSA Members came together with an exceptional exhibition of colourful artwork. Each piece of artwork in the Gallery was initially entered as a digital photograph to be judged by, Dr Maggie Buxton and Juliana Hoogenveen. Between the two of them they decided their top 13 favourite entries which Reyburn House has made into a Calendar of Northland Artwork. The artists selected were kept in the dark until opening night where the winners were announced along with a presentation of the finished calendar for them. Calendars are now on sale at Reyburn House, why not pop in and have a look at all the original artwork alongside the digital images that Northland Artists have produced.

1st Place Prize Winner

Sharen Watson

I start a painting by playing with colours and lines. Marks are made, the canvas turned, the evolving image viewed up close and from a distance. Eventually subject matter begins to evolve. This may reflect places I’ve visited, things I’ve seen and heard, and sights and senses of everyday life. Or, it may just be purely imaginative

Acrylic -“Hinterland 2020”

2nd Place Prize Winner

Ross Mann

The old truck wreck in my painting is symbolic of the step back in time which one feels when driving through Kauri Mt Reserve and on down to the beach

Oil – “End of the Road”

3rd Place Prize Winner

Alice Furrell

I’m a Whangarei based Mixed Media artist. My inspiration comes from the beauty in nature, and I often paint from images of my garden (or others gardens). I enjoy extremely textured works and love to incorporate stitching and fabrics. “Winter From My Window” captures the highlight of winter in my garden, wax eyes devouring Aloe Thraskii, an amazing burst of colour and energy on a tranquil winters day

Mixed Media – “Winter from my Window”

The above are the top three cash prize winners for the competition and below are the artists who also won a place in the Calendar this year. Congratulations!

4th Place: Patricia Brickell “Tea and Toast”
5th Place: Di Badham “Keeping Watch”
6th Place: Graham Rosenberg  “Old Houseboats Whangarei”
7th Place: Robyn Hallberg “Northland Treasurers”
8th Place: Pamela Harden “Early Morning Low Tide”  
9th Place: Tina Seifarth “Laundry Day – Gone with the Wind”
10th Place: La La Land “Cows”
11th Place: Alan Jones “Reconstructed Life”
12th Place: Jane Gavin “Colourscape”
13th Place: Janice Clifton-Wykes “Untitled”  

While the exhibition was on we asked members of the public to vote for their favourite piece of artwork. When the exhibition closed the votes were counted and the people chose …. it was a tie!

“Words on Fire” – June 2020



Many years of struggling to make sense of the world has led Graham to express himself in poetry and in pictures. From a store of thousands of photographs that he has built up over many years, he has begun, through digital manipulation of these photos, to try and show something of the portals into other worlds and other states of being that he experiences.

“I hope that others who view my creations will find worlds of their own to explore” – Graham Johnson

Graham was joined by fellow artist Winslow who had a selection of his colourful watercolours on display also

“Road Trip” June 2020


“Road Trip”

Matt Hudson is an avid photographer and motorbike enthusiast. His exhibition detailed in pictures his story of an epic three month journey across the USA along Route 66. He was lucky enough to have a few friends and relatives join him at various stages to ride with him. Matt’s actual bike was on show here in Reyburn House but with only half the luggage he carried as he said the whole amount looked too comical for his exhibition.

Matt’s photographic work is a beautiful balance of man-made and the natural world and well worth a look!


Sharing the exhibition space was Maggie Cross who had our central corridor. She updated her work for the final three weeks of her exhibition. Maggie is downsizing her home and needs to find new forever homes for her artwork.

“Standing Tall”


Patricia Brickell had the final exhibition space this month with an exhibition titled “Standing Tall”. Patricia’s artwork is larger than life, vibrant and colourful. She purposefully took the back rooms of the gallery to create an intimate setting for you to be immersed in her work.

Three Different Exhibitions on for Three Weeks only!

Friday Painters – “Well-Oiled

Maggie Cross

Patricia Brickell – “Standing Tall”

We split the Gallery into thirds, for an exceptionally colourful packed set of exhibitions.

Patricia Brickell’s artwork is so large and colourful that we overflowed onto the veranda, you would definitely not have missed her artwork as your walked the Whangarei Town Basin loop walkway.

Inside Reyburn House, the first two rooms were taken by a lively group of oil painters with their exhibition titled “Well-Oiled”. They showed for the first time as a group a selection of their artwork. This group also made prints of each of their artwork into exhibition special gift cards and have a great display on the wall as you enter Reyburn House.

At the very centre of Reyburn we had wonderfully creative Maggie Cross whose collage and mixed media works invite you in for a closer look. The Corridor exhibition space lends itself well to Maggie’s style of work and as she has cut prices dramatically her work is set to fly off the walls.

Another artist whose artwork everyone just can’t get enough of is international artist Patricia Brickell. Her exhibition titled “Standing Tall” is larger than life, vibrant and colourful. She purposefully took the back two rooms of the gallery to create an intimate setting for you to be immersed in her work. With crafted music softly playing and a screen displaying her poems it is an immersive experience to walk around her exhibition.

Patricia will be at the Gallery on and off during her exhibition which will be up for a total of six weeks. If you do pop down to Reyburn Gallery to have a look you may catch Patricia just ‘finishing’ some work!

Beaches, Boats & Birds

Beaches, Boats & Birds at Reyburn House featured four Bay of Island painters, Judy Hunter, Sandy Wright, Beryl Edwards & Zandra Pirie.

This show is joined by a selection of work from our Arts Society members.

VISION 20/20

The CollaboratioNZ trust run a ten day art camp at Mt Manaia and auction off their creations once every two years. Artists come from around the world to work together in stone, wood, metal, clay, paint, fibre, glass and precious metals.

The Collab group obviously inspire each other so much that in their “down” year they have decided to hold a special exhibition here at Reyburn House.

This CollaboratioNZ exhibition has given the artists the opportunity to collaborate over a longer period of time. Some pieces were made by artists working together at the same time, others were passed from artist to artist as they progressed and others were made in pieces in different mediums by different artists to be assembled. Also included are some individual artists works to show how styles transform as artists work together.

Collaborating is a transformative process that helps artists to connect with each other and develop their own style and processes. If you would like to apply to be a part of Collab 2021 contact them at or visit

“Light, Earth & Fire”

This exhibition explored the colours, landscapes, legends and life of New Zealand through the eyes of five Whangarei Artists. These dynamic elements were brought together through print, paint, photography and ceramics, each artist bringing their own special insight into the beauty and culture of our native country

Below are examples of the work we had on display from each of the artists

Sheila Blackburn – Ceramics

Leslie Cleary – Oil Painting

Dulcie Hering – Printmaker

Shelly Linehan – Photography

Kathryn Millard – Pastel & Watercolour

Whangarei Heads School

The Children worked hard all year designing and making some very awesome pieces of artwork. The gallery was full of fun and colour with all of it for sale.

We were also joined for this short two weeks by a special group of people that have put some great time and effort into a project called ” Fantasy Houses”. They have worked with ‘The Papermill’ to produce some beautiful paper houses.

Di West & Judy Hunter

Di West presented “I Look You, You Look Me”

Di West presented a unique exhibition of dramatic portraits. What did the eyes tell you? What were they thinking?

Di did a one-off Artist talk at Reyburn House. Many came along and joined Di as she took them around the Gallery on a special tour!

Judy Hunter presented “Ashore Now”

Judy is an experienced world sailor who came to shore to showcase her beautiful beach landscapes in her first solo exhibition. Many came and enjoyed her work as she came “ashore now”.


August 20 – Sept 29

The Gallery was full of colour and variety!

The Northland Society of Arts hosted our annual Calendar Competition for all the members of the Society with all entries being judged and the winners made into a calendar.

We had a great number of entries this year and such a variety of work. The judges had a hard time deciding but in the end awarded their top 13. The top three won cash prizes and all entries were on display in an exhibition here at Reyburn House.

During the exhibition we ran a “People’s Choice Award”, where visitors could vote for their favourite artwork. The winner of this award went to Gitte Dibley for her painting “Waiting for the Storm”.

Well done to all that entered, we hope to see you all again for next years Calendar competition.

First place winner – Lynda Bell

Second place winner – Adrienne Dietrich

Third place winner – Janice Clifton-Wykes

People’s Choice winner – Gitte Dibley

“Paradise lost” and Photographic Exhibition

July 15 – August 18

This month was quite special. We had the travelling Solander “Paradise Lost” exhibition alongside Whangarei’s Rotary Club Rural School Photographic competition

We celebrated the 250th Anniversary of Captain Cook arriving in New Zealand with a special dual exhibition. We had the honour or showing the travelling exhibition “Paradise Lost”, a group exhibition to commemorate the contribution naturalist Daniel Solander made to New Zealand’s history. Alongside this we had our own Rotary club of Whangarei who have organised a fantastic rural schools photographic competition whos photos will filled the other half of the gallery.

Winners of the Rotary competition

June 18 – July 14

The gallery split into three different sections to show the work of some very special artists!

Patricia Brickell

International Soundpainting artist Patricia Brickell filled the walls with an amazing intuitive colourful journey. We were immersed into Patricia’s colourful world. Patricia’s work sold like hotcakes!

Ann Montier

Ann Montier’s beautiful artwork is instantly recognisable and very memorable. Her style is unique and has a vintage feel to it. We love having her work on display and she often displays as part of our Member Gallery displays.

Malcolm Burrell and Jenny de Weyer

Two great artists who are primarily wood turners filled a gallery room with a mixture of wall and table art. The time and level of skill to produce these works is very noticable with the high standard of output

Vicki Leeuwenburg & NSA Members

May 28 – June 16

This was an amazingly colourful exhibition. Local talented figurative artist Vicki Leeuwenburg took up half the gallery with a stunning solo exhibition whilst the other half showcased our amazing talent from all over Northland with our NSA Members.

Douglas Chowns

May 1 – May 26

“Enduring of Suffering”

This solo exhibition by the international artist Douglas Chowns is a
“hommage to those who hurt physically or mentally and expect no help or change”

The works on display here at Reyburn house were completed within a year and a day and started on the Celtic festival of “Beltaine” on May 1st 1993.

Douglas is celebrating his 82nd Birthday with his revisit to this series on social realism.

At the opening night, on the significant date of May 1st, Douglas performed a ritual where the paintings, which cover very powerful themes, were slashed in order to release the suffering bringing peace to this section of his life’s work.

To Douglas, art is life. He is a realist, painter and thinker who remains true to his heritage.

Bay of Islands Painting Group

9 April – 28 April 2019

The Bay of Islands painting group has been meeting regularly for over 40 years.

“We usually have around 30 talented members who share a passion for art. A few of those members have been involved right from the start and still pass on their knowledge and experience to the rest of the group.”

The group meets weekly at the Waitangi yacht club, an amazing venue. They meet to share ideas, workshops and their love of painting and drawing and of course the occasional group lunch.

For more information about our group please contact;
Sandy      021 1828199

Mandy Wood – Stained Glass

19 March – 7 April 2019

Mandy Wood, well known for her beautiful hand painted stained glass work, set up some magnificent pieces and priced them to go! it was well worth a look at her gorgeous work. We were also lucky to be able to extend the exhibition held by the NSA members for another three weeks and so the other half of Reyburn House continued to be blessed with quality artwork produced by our local Northland Artists.

NSA Members Exhibition

25 February – 7 April (including extension)

We had an amazing selection of new and unseen artwork from the members of the Northland Society of Arts on show at Reyburn House.
If you are interested in becoming a member with pick up a form when you visit or apply online in the “Membership” section


5 – 24 February 2019

Three artists have come together to exhibit their stunning work!

Adrienne Dietrich, Deva Prem & Maggie Cross showcase a selection of their favorite work here at Reyburn House Art Gallery. Interesting techniques and a variety of medias highlight the various talents of these ladies.


Members Exhibition — 18th December 2018 – 12th January 2019

Members of the Northland Society of Arts  (NSA) have come together to produce a fantastic array of artwork that is now on display at Reyburn House Art Gallery. As always, it is free entry, but we welcome any donations.

Members “FLORAL” Exhibition — 27th November – 16th December 2018

Members of the Northland Society of Arts have put together a fantastic array of floral themed artwork.  Come support and buy from your talented local Northland artists by visiting Reyburn House Gallery.

If you would like to be a part of our next exhibition it’s open to all members of the Northland Society of Arts (NSA). Subscription is only $35 with added discounts for family, seniors and students. Apply online or collect a form when you come view the latest “Floral” exhibition. (



“CELEBRATING 60 YEARS” — 30th – 25th November 2018


A special commemorative exhibition highlighting the Northland Society of Arts’ (NSA) history through the lens of its permanent collection – a historical sweep of artists and styles from the 1890s.

ART OF DISTINCTION  — 9th – 28th October 2018

A selection of fine oil artwork from the winner of the people’s choice, Janice Clifton Wykes.

Old Bedford

CALENDAR COMPETITION — 3 – 30th September 2018

This exhibition is showcasing all those entries that were submitted for our 2019 calendar. Dougie Chowens selected 13 from all the entries to make up the calendar, which is available for purchase now. Please join in and fill out your People’s Choice vote.

Calendar Competition

Sunday 8th July Aoteroa QUILTERS

19th June to Sunday 8th July 2018

Natural wonders of the World Quilt Challenge

Some of the 90 Quilters exhibiting using their own personal artistic quilt style. Extended due to popularity . . .

10 JULY: “Rotary Club of Whangarei South – Photographic Winners and Commended Exhibition”

10th July to Sunday 29th July 2018

Tauraroa Area School and Nga Kura mo Te ako O Whangarei Kahui Ako 4 (community learning 4).

The Competition aims to encourage young people to experiment with photography, use digital or traditional methods of photography, show interpretation of topic and express their ideas through the medium of photography.

The works shown are the Winners and Commended from the over 60 photographs submitted.

 10 JULY: Artist Adrienne Dietrich  Exhibition “RUST 

10th July to Sunday 29th July 2018

“I began painting in the early1980’s as a raw beginner, “couldn’t draw a straight line”. l started by using oil paints, then graduated with pastels and now  . . . .anything goes!

In recent years, the works of the Expressionists, their strong use of colour and line, has given my work a new vibrancy and strength. l use a variety of paint mediums nowadays, my favourites being watercolour, gouache, pastels and pen& wash”.

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