Past Exhibitions


Exhibition Dates – June 4th – June 30th

Northland Artists presented their connection to Matariki in a month long community exhibition open for all abilities and ages. This exhibition is supported by the WDC as part of their month of Matariki celebrations, who subsidised the entry fee .

Night Market/Opening night – June 7th 4:30pm onwards

The grand opening for this exhibition happened on Friday 7th June, where all community came to celebrate a community night market on Reyburn Grounds. A good time was had with food, friends and other interesting stalls dotted around the grounds and the Gallery threw open its’s doors for all to view the exhibition. The Art Studio hosted a kids disco with light up dance floor and mini tuck shop.

For those of you who would like to know more or do not know a great deal about Matariki:

The Matariki celebration is essentially based around 3 major principles,

1: Remembrance – Honouring those we have lost since the last rising of Matariki
2: Celebrating the present – Gathering together to give thanks for what we have
3: Looking to the future – Looking forward to the promise of a New Year

Remembrance: The re-appearance of Matariki in the morning sky during mid-winter coincided with a traditional ceremony called ‘whāngai i te hautapu.’ During this ceremony food was cooked and offered to the different stars of Matariki while karakia (incantations) were conducted. The first part of this ceremony was dedicated to the dead of the year, honouring those who had died since the last rising of Matariki. The names of the dead were called out during the ceremony and people would weep for their loved ones. One traditional belief states that Matariki carries the dead of the year across the night sky, and upon the return of Matariki in the winter sky, the star cluster is released from its burden. When the names of the deceased were called out, Māori believed the spirits of the dead became stars in the sky. This process also helped to release the emotional burdens and cultural responsibilities Māori had with the dead.

Celebrating the present: Following on from the formal ‘whāngai i te hautapu’ ceremony, Matariki was a period of celebration and festivities. Communities and whānau would gather together to give thanks for all the blessings of the past year, and to reconnect with each other. Mid-winter was a time of rest and relaxation for Māori. The food storage pits and houses were full, and the busy harvest season was over. Food and feasting was a central element in Matariki, and people came together to share the fruits of the harvest. Other forms of celebration included music, dance, art and spending time with one another.

Looking to the future: Matariki was a time where communities and whānau would come together to plan for the impending season. They discussed at length their hopes and desires, concerns and fears and they decided upon how they would approach various activities in the New Year. It was a time of learning, sharing, discussion and decision making. One of the key points of discussion during Matariki was the environment, especially the health of the environment. Māori understood that their lives depended on them maintaining a strong connection to the physical world and caring for nature.

There are a number of key values that were associated with Matariki and the Māori New Year celebrations. 

There values are;
Aroha – Love and respect for one another
Whakamaumaharatanga – Remembrance
Kotahitanga – Unity
Manaakitanga – Caring
Tohatoha – Sharing
Mana Taiao – Environmental awareness
Kaihaukai – Feasting
Wānanga – Discussion
Noho tahi – Coming together
Ngākau Atawhai – Kindness
Whakanui – Celebrations
Tuakiritanga – Identity

December 5 2023 – January 14, 2024


November 7 – December 3, 2023


On at the Gallery this month a great group of local artists all based in the Whangarei Heads area. This group get together and open their studios and workshops every other year to create the Whangarei Heads Art Trail, which is where their name ‘WHAT’ comes from. A while ago they had the idea to bring a selection of work together in one easy accessible place for all to come and view and out of that, the WHAT exhibition was created in Reyburn Gallery. We are very thankful they have chosen to return again, with this being their second exhibition held with us which they have aptly titled “What Next”.

Please take some time to come and enjoy this brilliant selection of visual artwork from this talented group.

About the Exhibition

Reyburn House Exhibition ‘What Next’ reflects the amazing and varied talents of artists living on Whangarei Heads. The exhibition features 20 of our 2023 Arts Trail members. There is an exciting mix of new artists bringing fresh new work and popular local favourites. With painting, photography, printing, textiles, wood, glass and pottery there really is something for every taste and every Christmas gift! Be sure to visit. Work will be sold from the gallery and replaced, so there will always be something new.

October 10 – November 5, 2023

‘Passion in Creation IV’


About the Exhibition

This was their 4th Solo Exhibition and their first time at Reyburn House Art Gallery.

The title “Passion in Creation IV” shows the value of mystery of art and creativity through their artworks.

In this exhibition there is a series of unique oil dot-paintings titled an epic journey. These 12 paintings are inspired from an epic ancient history exploring the earth, human history and the soul. Along with this series there are drawings, paintings, sculpture and pixel art, created with different subjects and mediums. Some use “Image as Text” and others, “Text as Image” which lead the viewer into an experience of art that communicated through the hazy meld of the pictorial and the linguistic.

The wooden sculptures in this exhibition are all one of a kind and were originally nature’s leftovers washed up on the shore, who now get a second chance at stardom.

Inspired by exploring canyons in the US, taking photos and time spent in New Zealand’s wonderful environment, Pixel Art by Grace mesmerises us with capturing natural forms and familiar elements of nature.

Freeman and Grace believe that art and creativity evoke the experience of wonder and inspires the imaginations of the viewers. The exhibition is not just objects on the wall but are there to convey meaning through each piece.


Born in 1948, Freeman Hau worked in his early years as a graphic designer and fine art tutor along with more recently gaining a diploma, with honours, in Art & Creativity from TLC in Wellington. Now based in Auckland as an independent artist, Freemans’s work has expanded in subject matters of both divine and earthly nature. His skills evolved as he explored unique techniques inspired by surrealism, fauvism and South Pacific art and culture. A charming and novel look is created using a small brush as the main tool to make countless dots or strokes to build the effect of rich colours, shapes and patterns. Most recently Freeman’s work has moved into 3D wooden sculptures, of which is time-consuming and means only a few are created each year

The theme, “If we give spirits a form, we become independent”, plays a key role in Freeman’s creative process.


A self-taught digital graphic designer who is currently based and working in Auckland, Grace Hau found her passion for creativity later in life. She finds her inspiration from a creative catalogue of photographs. These mesmerising images blend in her mind to create different emotions which she draws upon to direct her work. During her creative process she asks herself, “how, through my images, can I express the meaning to convey to viewers”

Grace values the mystery of art and creativity and believes practicing creative artwork can lead her to discover new paths she has never walked before. Her use of digital technologies in her artwork is to utilise a tool of our digital times.

September 12 – October 8, 2023


The Riverside Painters are a local group of painters who are bought together each week to share their mutual love of art, painting, and the joy of each other’s company in the studio.

Media used in this exhibition is varied and expresses the intriguing and fascinating ways each individual artist presents their pieces. This may include textures, patterns, colours, shapes, that subtle dabble of light, raindrops and more.

Be intrigued by these works that may hold a hidden meaning or underlying story. The painting may be a peaceful natural scene, a dynamic mountain, a depiction of a person, flower, bird, or something more surreal.

We hope you enjoy our efforts this year and find new artwork that resonates with you.

From the


August 15 – September 10, 2023

Congratulations to all our wonderful winners of this year’s competition and to all those that took part. The public were spoilt for choice picking their top twelve but nearly 2000 people did narrow it down and voted for their favourites and here are the winners!

1st – Vanessa Redfern‘Ocean Beach’
2nd – Robyn Harvey, ‘Serenity’
3rd – Shaelagh Jones‘Zinnia in my Garden’
4th – Cindy Woest, ‘Jess in the Tide’
5th – Janice Clifton-Wykes,‘The Old North Road’
6th – Janice Clifton-Wykes, ‘Keen Eye’
7th – Gaelene Guild‘Feel the Serenity’
8th – Sandeep Diwan, ‘King’s Elephant’
9th – Shaelagh Jones, ‘Takahe Baby’
10th – Rebecca Cunliffe‘Tranquil Tulips’
11th – Jaquelyn Trilford, ‘Tui Pauascape & Flax Flower’
12th – Di Badham, ‘Breaker Bay’

A four week exhibition of work featuring Northland Artists. This fantastic exhibition was stacked with 140 pieces of amazing artwork, with each piece vying for a place in the Northland Society of Arts’ annual calendar. Twelve lucky winners received prizes and had their artwork featured in the Calendar.

We invited the public to come in and vote for their three favourite pieces, one voting slip per person and the most votes won places.

We would like to thank our generous sponsors, Placemakers, Guthrie Bowron, Hidden House and Gordon Harris for the glorious prizes on offer…

1st place: $750 worth of prizes!   
($500 cash & $250 Gordon Harris voucher)

2nd place: $400 worth of prizes 
($200 cash & $200 Gordon Harris voucher)

3rd place: $200 worth of prizes 
($100 cash & $100 Gordon Harris voucher)

Nine other winners, picked by the public to appear in the Calendar will receive Gordon Harris vouchers worth $50 each!

July 18 – August 13, 2023

Galleries 1 & 2: Valerie Hunton – ‘PACIFIC LIFE CYCLES’
Gallery 3: Sonya Prchal – ‘FEATHERS, FINS & FUR’
Gallery 4: Jenny Bennett – ‘PAISLEY AND BEYOND’
Gallery 5: Tut Blumental – ‘COASTAL SERENITY’


Vibrant Valerie Hunton Fundraising collaboration benefits patients and communities.

Valerie Hunton graduated from Elam school of Fine arts and taught art in England and NZ , before becoming a Psychodrama Director, using art and drama in therapeutic groups.

Accompanying her husband Rex, a medical lecturer who taught many young doctors both in Auckland and across the Pacific, especially in the Marshall islands and Micronesia, Valerie immersed herself in her painting where ever she was living and developed close relationships with local women who strongly influenced her art. A prolific creator, Valerie’s art reflects the theme of her relationship with the Pacific, the weather, tides, cycles of birth and death, and the people. 

Valerie passed in late 2022 and bequeathed her art legacy to Cancer Society Auckland Northland. Following two successful exhibitions in Kerikeri where Valerie lived, they are now teaming up with Rotary Club of Whangarei South . Money raised will support Rotary community initiatives in, particular for the purchase of a pasteuriser for a new Babies Milk Bank at Te Whatu Ora.



Textile Artist Sonya Prchal celebrates pets and wild animals in their natural environments. 
This textile exhibition showcases birds, fish and mammals doing what comes naturally.

Sonya Prchal has had a lift-long joy of painting and drawing.  She drifted into art quilting when a gorgeous sea life fabric spoke to her. Sonya made her first art quilt which became the start of a new passion working with fabric as art medium.

Sonya has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember, finding great joy in the company animals. So naturally, her favourite subjects are animals. For Sonya, the joy of creating comes from watching the subject(s) slowly appear on the fabric as if they have a life of their own. She believes the eyes are the mirror into their souls and is satisfied when she creates a work that draws in the viewer for a closer look and creates discussion.

Nearly all Sonya’s works are realistic in style and start from original photographs. After exploring a range of textile techniques, she found a love of thread painting her art quilts, this has developed to her painting the whole work, and using extensive thread work for detailing. Free motion quilting adds the dimension needed to finish her works.

Sonya has exhibited in numerous shows in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, and has won many awards. She has taught throughout New Zealand and internationally, and has sold many works, which have ended up in throughout New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada.

“My aim is for the viewer see animals like do, admiring and loving them feeling as if they could reach out and stroke the fur. I spend numerous hours working on each piece with that desire foremost in my mind”. Sonya Prchal

Catch up with Sonya here:
Or follow her on her facebook page @sonyaprchaltextiles


Every individual is part of a family, a lineage, a tribal/haploid group and a part of humanity. Bennett’s works arise from a fascination with Paisley first seen on eiderdowns and shawls; patterns built up from shapes and colours which have moved through time and place, as humans have done, over thousands of years.
 Jenny Bennett, was born McLellan, in 1950, in Hastings.  After attending Iona College she obtained an M.A.[Anthropology] and moved to Whangarei where she began painting. She has explored a wide range of media and after her first exhibition in 1976 has continued to show nationally and internationally.  

Bennett has won various art awards and commissions and served on arts boards, judging panels and mentoring programmes. Her work has been shown in London, New York, Miami and Florence.   After exploring various themes, mainly landscape, she began painting flora experimenting with a different palette and abstraction. The recent Paisley series with its flowing organic imagery developed naturally from the floral series.  
instagram    jennybennett2080      
facebook  jennybennett.7777


Prior to being a full-time artist Tut worked as a graphic designer for 20 years, now, Tut is living her dream of being a full-time artist by putting her talent and experience in the design world to use. Colour remains an interest to Tut as it is something that can trigger emotive responses along with an ability to represent a time of day.

Tut’s consideration and attention to harmony is present in every aspect of her work, from size of canvas to how she chooses colour and applies it. Another aspect of what makes Tut’s paintings so captivating is how she uses colours to radiate off and blend into each other, creating a magical atmospheric painting.

Her paintings allow the mind of the viewer to drift into them, taking the viewer to a place where there is a warm sunrise that is taking over the night sky, where the pink clouds are being reflected in the sea’s surface, transforming the water to appear as a never-ending supply of strawberry cream.

“My paintings are “landscapes of the mind” they are amalgamated scenes made up from different places that represented the emotional responses I had when I thought of places I have visited.”Tut Blumental

20 June – 16 July – 2023

Galleries 1 & 2: Sandra Meyst  – ‘MAURI’
Galleries 3 & 4: Raewyn Smith – ‘THERE and HERE…’
Gallery 5: Huanui College


SANDRA MEYST presented a collection of paintings (2021-2023) placed within her understanding of the Māori concept of Mauri, while applying the traditional European practice of portraiture, and elements of landscape painting, using oil on canvas.

Sandra was born in Wellington, in the year of the Wāhine tragedy, 1968. She is a descendant of the Mountfort, Iles, Cryer and Wilcox whānau. She was brought up within her adopted Pākehā family. Her parents are very loving, practical, creative, socially-minded and family-oriented people, who developed professional careers of their own. They adopted 3 children. They moved to Whangārei when Sandra was 9, to improve the health of her brother.

At the age of 19, Sandra wanted a career in helping people, and began to train as a registered nurse at Northland Polytechnic, graduating in 1990, then getting married in Tāmaki Makaurau in 1993. In 2005, after 15 years of nursing and raising 2 lovely children, she felt restless, dissatisfied. Something was missing in her life.  Not long after, she left her nursing role and began a visual art degree at the renamed Northtec, graduating in 2009.  Sandra finds the disciplines of visual art and health science require a different focus and skill set in practice, yet both involve creative thinking outside the ‘square’, and problem solving abilities.  For her, these two practices have provided ongoing intellectual, ethical, and creative challenges which have been very enriching and progressive, on both a personal and professional level.


RAEWYN SMITH is an oil painter and has a home studio in Onerahi.

Her previous exhibition “Oil and Water” was of Landscapes and was with Sally O’Grady at Reyburn House in 2020 and was very well received.

Her new exhibition ‘THERE and HERE…” is a selection of new and previously shown figurative and portrait oil paintings. Based on a study of belonging and longing: nostalgia voyeurism memory and acceptance.Portrait painting has always been significant in her portfolio. She continues to examine how women are depicted in paintings. 

“There seems to be more questions when painting portraits than obvious answers. I love that. Mostly I want to paint what I can see, which can be somewhat delusional. Working on figurative pieces  seems to provide a sense of balance.“ Raewyn Smith


Sandra and Raewyn are joined by Huanui College for an extended exhibition of work from their current and past students. The College hope that you enjoy their students work who have so far been very well received by the public.

This exhibition opens on Tuesday 20th June and will run for four weeks. The opening night, which all are welcome to attend will be happening from 5pm onwards on FRIDAY 23rd June. 

23 May – 18 June – 2023

Gallery 1 & 2: Trudi McGinn – “BRICK HAPPENS”

Gallery 3 : Yvonne Clapperton

Gallery 4 & 5: Huanui College

About the Artist: Northland Oil Painter : Trudi McGinn, Born and raised in Whangarei, Northland, NZ in 1962, Trudi moved to London in her early twenties. She lived in Europe for 20 years before returning home to NZ with her partner and three daughters. The family lived in Auckland for 6 years where Trudi started life drawing classes. She then returned to Whangarei with her family to live and has been here ever since.

Twelve years ago, Trudi joined a small painting group taught by Laurence Berry working on her technique using oils and having regular, invaluable critique on her work over this period. She has had several exhibitions and shown work in galleries around Northland and held a successful solo “Cities within City” at Geoff Wilson Gallery NorthTec in 2018 She has paintings in private collections throughout NZ. In 2012, for the first time as a student Trudi showed her work in a group exhibition at Reyburn House. She is very pleased to be back here, 11 years later, showing her paintings again, in 2023

Trudi will be exhibiting alongside two other great exhibitions, one from our very own Society member, Yvonne Clapperton and a brand new group exhibiting for the first time from Huanui College students. 

Yvonne Clapperton is a bit of a late starter in the world of art and in her late 60’s her interest resurfaced. With no formal training and working predominantly in oils and acrylics she became a student of Elena Nikolaeva and now likes to work in a variety of styles, with painting being her ‘Happy Place’. She likes to work on large paintings and uses the canvas to explore the vast styles of art possibilities. Her art is held in private collections in New Zealand and Australia. 

April 25 – May 21 – 2023

Gallery 1, 2 & 5: Vjekoslav Nemesh – “ETTERNA”
Gallery 3, 4 & 5: Wendy Worley- “NOT THE SAME TWICE”

Celebrated Artist and Mentor Vjekoslav Nemesh Showcased his Latest Works at Reyburn House Exhibition in Whangarei

Whangarei, New Zealand – Vjekoslav Nemesh, a renowned artist and mentor in the New Zealand arts community, exhibited his latest works at the Reyburn House in Whangarei, opening on 25 April 2023. The exhibition featured pieces from his latest book, “Etterna III”.

For almost 40 years, Vjekoslav Nemesh has made a name for himself as a professional artist, having held over 50 solo exhibitions and participated in over 300 group exhibitions throughout his illustrious career. His works have been recognized for their unique style and profound messages that touch the hearts and souls of those who view them.

Nemesh is also known for his mentorship of emerging artists, having inspired and guided countless students over the years. One of his former students, Wendy Worley, will be sharing the exhibition space with him at Reyburn House. Although Wendy has been painting for over twenty years, she has rarely exhibited her works, making this exhibition in a way her debut showcase.

“I am thrilled to be exhibiting my latest works alongside Wendy Worley, who was one of my first students,” Nemesh said. “It is an honour to represent her and showcase her incredible talent to the world. This exhibition is a testament to the power of mentorship and the importance of passing on knowledge and skills to the next generation of artists.”

Nemesh’s latest book, “Etterna III”, contains some of his most recent works completed in the last six months. These pieces showcase his distinctive style and spiritual messages that have made him one of New Zealand’s most admired artists.

Visitors to the exhibition can view and purchase artworks from Nemesh and Worley’s collections, including limited edition prints of selected works. Nemesh’s website,, also offers a range of his works for purchase online.

The Reyburn House exhibition promises to be a unique and inspiring experience for art enthusiasts and the general public alike. Don’t miss this opportunity to view and purchase the latest works from one of New Zealand’s most respected and influential artists.

Vjekoslav Nemesh Email:  Website:
Wendy Worley, Email: Website:

March 28 – April 23 – 2023

Gallery 1: Shaelagh Jones – “IN THE MOMENT”
Gallery 2: Roby Hallberg- “IN THE MOMENT”
Gallery 3: Art from the Heart – “IN THE MOMENT”
Gallery 4: Art from the Heart – “IN THE MOMENT”
Gallery 5: Northland Society of Arts- Fundraising Exhibition



Shaelagh Jones is an acrylic painter who produces works inspired by her experiences.  Nature has a strong call for her.  She enjoys walking and being in the natural environment.   Over the last three years her own garden environment has produced the inspiration for her works.  Seasonal flowers with their forms and colours have given her endless material to study and paint.

Shaelagh has taken art classes from the Quarry Art Centre, Reyburn House and online courses and considers it important to continually learn about art making and understand how artists work.

She is a qualified garden designer, having worked in Auckland, Wellington, and the Bay of Islands.  She now resides and creates from her studio in Whangarei.

She hopes you enjoyed the exhibition and found inspiration amongst the works on display.



Robyn is an original acrylic artist based in Whangarei, New Zealand. Her paintings are inspired by her surroundings; to move and emote feelings, using colour and composition.  She has loved art since she was a child and was always able to draw to scale.  Art expression challenges and inspires her

Trained through Richard and Diana Moore, NZ Fine Arts and other classes, passion and practice has helped her create a style of her own.

With a love for the many birds she has around her property, they are a constant presence in her artwork. She is always brimming with ideas and hopes you enjoy her creations.


Left to right: Judy SIdon, Graham Rosenberg, Liz Andersen, Beryl McIntyre, Debra Brown, and Gaylyn Barclay.

Art From the Heart have been meeting for many years under the guidance of Jan Stephens at the Reyburn Art Studio. A great group of people who support each other in the creation of their artwork. This exhibition was a selection of their artwork over the last year. 

February 28 – March 26 – 2023

Gallery 1: Neridah Haworth – “NERIDAH’S SWAN SONG”
Gallery 2: Paula Saunders – “WHAT WE SEE”
Gallery 3: Yvonne Clapperton
Gallery 4: Julie Duffy
Gallery 5: Whangarei Camera Club – “IN THE FRAME”


NERIDAH HAWORTH was a prolific, well-known and successful artist in Whangarei.  She passed away in 2018 and her daughters decided to do a Swan Song Exhibition of her works.
Neridah had been interested in all forms of art from a very early age and it was obvious to family and others that she was very talented.  The sea had always been a part of her life and she drew inspiration from walking along the beach and studying the rocks, tides, patterns in the sand at low tide, old Pohutukawa trees, the distant hills and reflections on the water, but her main love being flowers of all varieties, including roses, hibiscus, magnolias, iris, poppies and more.

Painting took a back seat for about 20 years when she opened her own boutique specialising in exclusive women’s fashion.  She designed and manufactured the majority of the stock for her boutique and entered many competitions with great success.  One of these was the prestigious Benson & Hedges Fashion Design Awards winning several awards.However, on retiring Neridah took up painting again, joining Bill Parkes watercolour class and which became her main medium from then on.

Her daughters consider it a privilege to, once again, show off their mum’s talent and hope that many of you will experience the same enjoyment that many others have by choosing to own one of these. We, her children, consider ourselves blessed to have had such a talented mother and enjoy displaying in our own homes many of her works.


PAULA SAUNDERS is an Interior Designer and Mother who lives on the Northland Coast. She has been painting for over 20 years and over that time has developed and expanded the mediums she works with. 

Birds intrigue her and become a subject of her work hoping to capture their amazing beauty. People and human behaviour is also something she can’t help but ponder and learn from, there is no limit to the ideas that are sparked from everyone she meets, nurtures or just watches.
“My ideas develop in my head and once I start painting they grow into an expression of a thought or image of something that compelled me to communicate that on to canvas.It is a process that I enjoy learning from and creating it on canvas enables a sense of satisfaction and peace. My work is as abstract as my thought process and each piece varies as to what is playing on my mind.”

In her paintings she uses a variety of mixed media and loves using alcohol ink to create the colour and liquid shapes that form her pieces.

If you would like to know more about Paula, please visit



YVONNE CLAPPERTON is a bit of a late starter in the world of art, with interest resurfacing in her late 60’s as she dabbled in oils on her own until she became a student of Elena Nikolaeva.
With no formal art training she works in a variety of styles, with painting being her happy place.

Currently she works predominantly in both oils and acrylics and enjoys painting large works. She also work in other media, exploring the vast styles of art possibilities.

Along with exhibiting in galleries her art is held in private collections in New Zealand and Australia.



JULIE DUFFY is a painter based here in Whangarei, where she captures landscapes and buildings using acrylic paint, sometimes finding beauty in unexpected places or at different times of night. 

In her work, she tries to capture a sense of peacefulness and serenity, using vibrant colours against the dark and the light. 

Whangarei is an unusual city having so many diverse beautiful green spaces and beaches. Julie’s hope is that her love of the area is conveyed well throughout all of her paintings, and that they bring people enjoyment. 



A body of work created by Whangarei Camera Club Members
This collection showcases our local camera club and the work being created within our community. They are an eclectic group brought together by their love of photography, there are landscape, astro, and wildlife artists amongst their ranks, who like to meet, share images, talk about gear and plan trips to interesting places.
Each piece was self- selected by the photographer, all club members were invited to contribute an image they enjoyed.  This is a great opportunity for friends and family to view the work which might otherwise remain on a hard drive. It is easy these days to simply “swipe” past an image but printed and hung in a Gallery gives the image a whole new life.

New members are always most welcome!
When and where do we meet?
On the first and third Tuesday of each month.
Start time – 7.30pm. At the Masonic Hall, 224 Maunu Road, Whangarei
visitors are most welcome.

You can check us out on Facebook or our Website:

Three exciting exhibitions were lined up for us to enjoy…



And five women unite to give use works from the Party House Painters

The Lore of Abundance and the Green’s Apprentice is a dual exhibition by Whangarei artists and husband & wife team Lynda and Rohan Bell. While the themes and artwork are separate, their work is entwined and connected. Within both themes are woven stories of magic and folklore with forest dwellers and creatures abundant. Each artist has explored the essence of rebirth and new growth with undercurrent themes of the Green man, Green Tara and Mother Earth.

Lynda works full time as a painter and Illustrator from her studio at the Quarry Arts Centre in Whangarei. She has trained in fine art, painting, teaching and arts therapy, and brings all of this learning into her art practice. She strives to embed happiness and inspiration into each artwork and believes that joy and kindness can change the world. Her artwork is largely motivated by her love of animals and her desire to awaken kindness and compassion within her viewers.

Rohan is a lifelong, part-time artist. He works locally as a chef at palate wholesome collective, where he keeps his inner creative chaos mostly in check. His artistic style is fluid and abstract but often willingly falls into bouts of detailed realism.

 The Party House Painters are five women who unite each week to paint, starting off many many years ago in a dilapidated farmhouse. They have since moved to a regular space in the Reyburn Studios and despite group members ebbing and flowing over the years, they are still hard at work creating and have diversified, so now they work not only with paint, but also collage and felt.

Dree is one of the original painters. She is an erstwhile member of the group and still paints in acrylics. She has been both artist and teacher nurturing others over the years

Kaye is a newer member of the group and was invited to join after she had met members of the Party House at the Summer Dos hosted by the Quarry Arts. When Angela Meecham was invited to teach felt at the summer school. Since then she has worked mainly with felt using merino, silk and other fibre. Her travels have inspired her love of the bush and the sea.

“The first time one of my paintings hung on these walls was when Ron de Rooy and I were celebrating the launch of the Te Kowhai Print  Trust. While attending a summer workshop at the Te Kowhai Print Trust Elisabeth invited me to join the Party House Group of artists;  a very supportive, creative company”

Robyn is a recent member of the group painting together on Tuesdays at Reyburn House, enjoying the encouragement, breadth of knowledge, skill and critiquing of fellow artists. 

“This series was inspired by the feeling of Bliss while snorkelling in a sanctuary for endangered giant iridescent clams. I wanted to bring this sense of bliss to the 2D realm of canvas. This alchemy of colour on canvas is explored with water colour, gouache, acrylic pen, pen, Indian ink and water colour pastels”

Elisabeth was one of the original painters at the Party House. Elisabeth continued to paint and also diversified into collage while working on grid patterns. We will miss her fine critiques and her wonderful sense of colour.

Elisabeth was not well over the last part of 2022 and died in the New Year 2023.
We offer our condolences to her family and friends.



November 22 – December 18 – a four week exhibition

Adele has been a full-time artist for 40 years, painting and supplying galleries in North America before returning home to New Zealand 10 years ago. From her home in Opua, she paints the boats, birds, and landscapes she loves and enjoys painting trips around Northland. Adele and Shane are mother and son. 

Shane has been a full-time illustrator specialising in advertising and book covers for over 20 years. Some of his clients include Penguin Random House, Scholastic, Bloomberry, Hachette, Sourcebooks, Simon & Schuster, Discover Magazine, and Tor. His illustration work is online at blot.come, and his fine art is online at Shane and his family live in New Zealand. 

Oct 25th – Nov 20th 2022 (A four week exhibition)


“An Eclectic Mix”

The Bay of Islands Painting Group has, for over forty years, met weekly at Waitangi to paint, draw and enjoy the company of fellow artists. 
They are a diverse bunch!

Young and old, vibrant and relaxed, wise and emerging, challenging and peaceful, organised and messy, in-your-face and self-effacing, thoughtful and cruisy, hectic and measured, yes they’re all of those things and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
This exhibition showcased the kaleidoscopic nature of their group. It reflects their individual personalities and interests and how they like to make art.  There’s a wide variety of sizes, subjects and styles. We hope you took time to visit the Gallery this month to enjoy ‘An Eclectic Mix’, from the Bay of Islands painting group.

Sept 27th – Oct 23rd 2022 (A four week exhibition)

This month we welcomed back to the Gallery the Riverside Painters and their exhibition “REFLECTIONS 2022” 


“Reflections 2022′

The Riverside Painters are a group of painters brought together each week by their love of painting. Many of them have painted together for several years. They enjoy the company of each other and their shared time painting together in the Studio. They have developed a sense of family within the group and have a common goal and a shared pastime – that of putting paint onto canvas.

Each year they find a title that aptly relates to the variety of work they do. This year they have chosen “Reflections”

Not only are reflections a wonderful subject to paint, but also a pondering upon the more complex issues of life.

Paintings are all about colour and light. The range of these differs with each person and each painting. The result may be restful or delicate, show movement like a dancer or an angry sea, strength and brilliance of sunset or distant mountains and the love of nature pictured as paintings of scenes or animals.

“We hope that you will enjoy the result of our year’s endeavours.”   – Riverside Painters

August 30th – Sept 25th 2022 (A four week exhibition)

Recently we welcomed a four week, split gallery, with solo artist LIBBY MITCHELL displaying her exhibition “Seventh Sense” alongside the STROPPY TARTS and their exhibition “Another Slice, Please”.

More about the artists…

“Seventh Sense’

“‘Seventh Sense’ is a visual response to the connection I feel with Aotearoa’s ancient forests – a collection of drawings, photography, paintings and installation centered around the North Island bush-scapes.

We often hear of the five, sometimes six, senses; but there is something deeply rooted within us and our ability to connect with nature. This is my response to what I can only describe as a seventh and the physiological benefits I’ve experienced of immersing oneself in the bush. Amid battling with mental health, what has kept me afloat is the longing for that sensation again. I hope if anything the show will ignite motivation for finding new ways to preserve the natural world and the ancient forests on Northland.”

Libby Mitchell

“Another Slice, Please”

Long-standing Whangarei artists Stroppy Tarts opened a new exhibition this month at Reyburn House. Titled Another Slice, Please, it followed on from their recent successful display at The Bach, another premier venue also at the Town Basin. 

The four friends collectively know as the Stroppy Tarts — Carol Peters, Diane Lawson, Jenni Moore and Maxine Hillier — have produced a fresh body of work for the latest showing. The women are all well known for their work within the community. Painting is a shared hobby and passion. 

Carol has a quiet art sanctuary in the bush.  Art creation is a serene counterpoint to her busy life as a community development worker and Whangarei District Councillor. 

When Diane doesn’t have a pastel stick in her hands, she can be found hanging out with grandkids, getting on the road with her caravan Reiner or working part-time as a nurse.  

Jenni fits painting around time with her grandchildren, singing and playing in the ukulele band The Spectacles and her active roles in the Cancer Society and Rotary. 

Maxine loves time with family and the cosiness of fires in winter. She enjoys films, books, music, walking with friends and painting up a storm.  

The Stroppy Tarts group was formed by friends nearly two decades ago for a stall at the city’s annual Art Beat festival. Since then, there have been several exhibitions and membership of the group has varied.  

August 2nd – 28th (A four week exhibition)2022


An open competition where artists were invited to submit work based on a “Feeling the Weather” theme. From this wonderful selection, we had two judges pick their top 12 and made a Calendar with the winners. The winners were announced at a special evening event held at Reyburn House.

Over all winner of the Calendar Competition was Jane Gavin with her artwork “Autumn Rain”

Thank you to all that came and voted during this exhibition for your favourite piece of artwork. The artist chosen to win the “People’s Choice Award” was Dee Hicketts-Young with her artwork “Stormy Sunday”.

July 5th – 31st (A four week exhibition)2022

PATRICIA BRICKELL, was back and bigger and more colourful than ever before. Patricia’s work lined our corridors and filled two of the rooms at the Gallery this month. Her work is always a delight to have and is certain to invigorate any space. She also had some of her poetry playing in the background of one of the rooms so hopefully you came and saw this delicious display!

“The Wave” and “Above the Falls” by Patricia Brickell

“I want to excite the viewer and myself with creative expression – a sky full of passion, and a land full of opportunity; mountains of mystic splendor for adventure” Patricia Brickell

Visit Patricia Brickell’s new website for more information about her wonderful work!

BEB HEARN, has an extensive array of work and is comfortable working with many mediums.  Sketching from a young age in the Netherlands she went on to study art in the UK before moving to New Zealand where she continued to delve into her love of art. Beb has been an active member of the NSA for many years and had a wonderful display of her work currently on show in the front room at Reyburn Gallery. She continues to paint from her studio at home. 

“Guess What” and “Wild Daises” by Beb Hearn

ANNE GROUFSKY has been doing patchwork, quilting and embroidery since the late 1970’s. She moved to Whangarei in 2013 and developed an interest in dyeing cotton and silk fabric using local plants, including pohutakawa, lichen, carrot top and fennel, some of these techniques are on display today. 

Anne’s’ exhibition is titled ” URBAN QUILTS” and has come about whilst living in Christchurch as a response to the character of urban Christchurch and as a record of some of her favourite buildings.
Unfortunately several of these buildings were damaged and demolished after the 2010/2011 earthquakes, but Anne has immortalised the buildings in fabric. 

“I enjoy the process and stages of making quilts from choosing the colours, to sewing the pieces into a larger whole and the final quilting and hand stitching to add texture.” Anne Groufsky

“School House Christ’s College” and “Remembering Christchurch” by Anne Groufsky

June 7th – July 3rd (A four week exhibition)2022

Cut with the kitchen knife

Works by Whangārei art group, Collective Practise

Cut with the Kitchen Knife was a group exhibition featuring new works by members of the art group Collective Practise. It was curated by Angela Rowe. The exhibition showcased work across a range of media including paper, ceramics, textile, printmaking, sculpture, installation and performance.

In 1919 the German artist Hannah Höch (1889–1978) hung a collage in a group exhibition. The collage, a complex and tumultuous work, was titled Cut with the Kitchen Knife, Dada through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in Germany. Using photomontage Höch cut and reassembled images to comment on the inequalities faced by women in the arts at institutional and interpersonal levels at the time.

The members of Collective Practise meet regularly to share studio research, reading, and talk through ideas central to their mahi toi. Working together in this way Collective Practise has created Cut with the Kitchen Knife, to share work that discusses their experience of contemporary social issues such as modern motherhood, relationships to place, each other, and materials in their art practice.

As part of the exhibition, Collective Practise offered a series of free workshops and an artists panel discussion.

Collective Practise is;
Catherine Davies-Colley, Ros May, Alex Moyse, Jolene Pascoe, Angela Rowe, and Linette van Greunen.


This exhibition and related events has been made possible by the generous support of Whangārei District Council and the Creative Communities Scheme.

May 10th – 5th June (A four week exhibition)2022

Kellie Edwards 

“Finding Refuge in Light”

 A figurative and landscape artist based in Northland producing work in both oils and soft pastels.

Kellie studied Art and Design full time at Auckland Technical Institute, then took up a scholarship at Auckland Society of Arts majoring in painting.  She has won awards in national and international art competitions and in 2020 was juried an associate member of the Pastel Society of America.

Her aim is to create beautiful reminders to prioritise the moments that give the lift we need to nourish our spirits. Moments of awe in the landscape, moments of connection, special quiet moments of reflection and moments celebrating big leaps of faith –  all points to remember and treasure. 
This exhibition “Finding Refuge in Light” is a collection of pieces produced from Kellie processing her little part of the communal stress that we have been sharing. 

“I DO care, my heart and gut can attest to that.  I help people around me with practical support where I can.  If I really want to send a message I’ll write it on my car. (Yes, I did that.) 

Where I want to dwell is on the big picture, a sense of hope and enjoyed feelings we all share.  For me it isn’t an escape but choosing refuge and inspiration in light.” Kellie Edwards

Image: “Oruawharo River Kaipara Harbour NZ”, Kellie Edwards

Yvonne Clapperton

Yvonne works primarily in oils, using brushes and palette knives. She also use acrylic and textures and enjoy the difference these mediums give to her work. Tutored by Elena Nikolaeva, Yvonne loves to paint bold and bright as well as subtle and atmospheric.

Yvonne’s work has been sold in galleries in NZ and is in homes in NZ, Australia and the US.

“Northland and New Zealand has such a diverse selection of wonderful subjects for me to paint.  I try to reflect our wonderful area in my works, and I hope you derive pleasure from viewing my art.” Yvonne Clapperton

 Image: “Bouquet of Flowers”, Yvonne Clapperton

April 12th – May 8th (A four week exhibition)

“Oil & Water”

In the Gallery we had Landscapes & more by Oil Painter Raewyn Smith and Watercolourist Sally O’Grady.  

The landscapes in Oil + Water display a selection of Northland, South Island and imaginary paintings, from tiny vignettes of oil on aluminium, to very large oils on canvas. These are often of places once visited, explored and imagined. More recent works of 2020, are addressing ideas around absence

RAEWYN SMITH , a Northlander, has been exhibiting since 2007. She has a piece in The James Wallace Collection, and has been a finalist for the Adams Portraiture Awards 2014 and 2018. She continues to paint from her home studio in Whangarei.

SALLY O’GRADY, originally from England, settled in Northland nearly 40 years ago. Sally paints ‘en plein air’ and in her home studio with the assistance of sketches, photographs, memory and imagination. 

Settlement” by Raewyn Smith

A watercolour by Sally O’Grady

March 15th – April 10th (A four week exhibition)

This was the second Art Award that Nemesh has organised and has been ten years in the making. Past and present students were invited to submit work which was on display in Reyburn Gallery.

Visitors to the Gallery helped by picking a people’s choice winner voting for your favorite painting in this show.

Vjekoslav Nemesh COMPASSION 2019 oil on canvas, 1221 X 91 cm


(known simply as Nemesh) was born on the 14th May 1963 in Petrovaradin, the former Yugoslavia (Serbia now). Since early childhood he manifested exceptional drawing skills and interest in drawing especially comics; which naturally progressed into more detailed and graphic representations. His artistic direction however was about to change when in his early twenties a schoolmate commissioned him to create a large oil painting, an event that ultimately led him onto an artistic path he has been on ever since.

Having only been painting for a few years Nemesh was fortunate enough to win several local art awards; events which ultimately gave him the encouragement to pursue a career as an artist, a decision he has never looked back from. Events were also about to take a positive change for him and many other artists when in the early nineties there was a sudden reform in former Yugoslavia which saw a number of new private art galleries open.

This fundamental change offered Nemesh an opportunity to start building his artistic career but sadly this opportunity would be short lived as civil war soon broke out which eventually saw the breakdown of the entire country. Nemesh decided that he needed to leave the country and start a new life in New Zealand.

Today his artistic career spans over 35 years since he first put his drawings and sketches into a local exhibition back in 1984 (in former Yugoslavia). Nemesh has participated in more than 300 group exhibitions in New Zealand and overseas and has had more than 50 solo exhibitions in the former Yugoslavia, Sri Lanka, USA and New Zealand.

Nemesh has had his work presented in collections throughout Europe, Russia, Britain, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Asia, and New Zealand and has established world-wide recognition for his unique, authentic and visionary artistic style of work.

February 15th – March 13th (A four week exhibition)

We had a packed house this month with exhibitions going up from Andrew Phillips, Amy Swanson & Nimmy Santhosh, Betsie Lombard, and the Friday Painters.

A little about Andrew Phillips:

Born in Australia in 1987, Andrew lives his life with cerebral palsy. Andrew’s family returned to New Zealand when he was 8 years old settling in Waikino on the waterfront where Andrew quickly made himself part of the local community. Andrew’s cerebral palsy has never stopped him following his passions and dreams. He has traveled to Hawaii to tell his story in an annual international disability conference, went parasailing in Paihia, competed in New Zealand and Australian national boccia competitions, started his own company ‘Andrew’s Native Nursery’ selling plants at local markets, and even rode a tandem motorcycle on a whim.

In more recent years Andrew built a friendship with a local artist who helped him to find a creative outlet. Through regular sessions Andrew found his flow in mouth painting and the direction he was to take in his art. A lot of trial and error has gone into building his technique, including a lot of modifications to brushes and tools. With the help of a friend Andrew has created his own set of painting tools that are safe and comfortable to hold in his mouth. Andrew’s home is surrounded by lush bush, stunning water views and gardens filled with different flowers and greenery. He uses this setting to inspire the direction he takes in each piece.

His show, “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS” was a series of abstract botanical works. Inspired by the gardens at his home, and the landscapes he has visited when traveling around New Zealand. Andrew has chosen this topic for his art as it allows him to use natural, unstructured movements while learning to paint by mouth. His style is created by using a combination of acrylic paints and texturising gels and pastes. He starts with wild and free strokes of similar colours and builds layers of contrasting tones, getting more refined as the layers build up.

Andrew was joined by:

Amy Swanson and Nimmy Santhosh and their Exhibition “SUNPRINTS”, a beautiful selection of delicate work with cyanotype to create images using the sun.


Betsie Lombard with her ceramic exhibition “A FEW PIECES IN TIME”.

Betsie has loved making things since forming her first rudimentary coil pots as a young child in Swaziland. Her life has taken many twists and turns since then and after an intense professional career, she has returned to art full time. This has taken the form of painting, sculpting, ceramics, soft stone carving, mixed media and glass art. She is eternally curious and passionate about human and animal forms, nature and colour. Betsie has called New Zealand home for more than 10 years and finds her adoptive country inspirational.


The Friday painters is a group that has been meeting for a couple of years now, every Friday morning they meet with the intention to create and explore. A lovely social group that support each others artistic journey. The Exhibition is a range of work from them that they have hand picked to show.

January/February 2022:

Elena Nikolaeva’s Sunday Group “PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES”


Dec 21/Jan 22:

Our very own NSA Members Summer Exhibition ran for six weeks over the Christmas, New Year period and took us into 2022. Over 90 artists took part!


November/December 2021:

We hosted two very different exhibitions, the Whangarei Camera club with their photographic show, “FRAMES EXPRESSIONS” and figurative and glass artist Linley Main with her exhibition “FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE”.



October /November 2021:

“ART WITH HEART” a group exhibition

After three years of meeting and discussing one another’s art along with drinking copious amounts of coffee the ‘Art with Heart ‘group decided to take a brave and confirming step to exhibit their work.  It’s probably cliché to say their work is inspired by nature, but it can’t be helped, nature is fascinating.


September/October 2021:

A four week exhibition “TURNING HEADS” From the Whangarei Head’s Arts Trail.

Start My: 3D Interactive Tour

We created a special treat for this exhibition as we had a sudden level 3 closure but whilst we were unable to open we made a 3D interactive tour! Take a leisurely stroll around the gallery, zoom in for a closer look at the amazing Northland artwork.

Any enquiries about the exhibition, or the purchase of past artwork, please email the office:

August/September 2021:

Exhibition ran: Tuesday 63rd August – Sunday 26th September (Exhibition was extended by 4 weeks due to COVID)

This month we had our fabulous CALENDAR COMPETITON Exhibition!

Each year we hold a competition open to all our N.S.A. Members who would like to try to win one of the places in next years’ Calendar. We invite two judges to pick their top 12 artworks with the top three receiving cash prizes. We then make the artwork into a Calendar available to view or purchase from the Art Gallery.

This year we received a stunning 93 entries, of which were all on display around Reyburn House. At the opening night for the Exhibition the President of the N.S.A., Rod Cunliffe along with one of our judges, Hinu from Creative Northland, announced the lucky winners.

We hoped to were able to pop in to see the artwork and vote for your favourite to claim the one last prize, the “Peoples’ Choice Award”; See below for the winner announcements:

Winning entry picked by our judges for the front cover of the Calendar: , “Pataua Bay South” by Lori Dods

The 2nd place went to Diane Lawson with her pastel artwork “The Crab Hunt” and 3rd place was Di Badham with her oil painting “Quiet Walk in Reed’s Reserve”

Winner of the the People’s Choice Award this year was won by Robyn Harvey with her acrylic piece “Abandoned”

Thank you to all the artists who entered, make sure to get started on your entry for next year!

July 2021:

Exhibition ran: Tuesday 6th July – Sunday 1st August

Sarah Warrington

Sarah is a local photographer based in Waipu who has captured our Northland scenery with her exhibition of coastal landscapes. Although drawn to landscape she is also making waves in portrait photography.

“Smugglers” by Sarah Warrington

Yvonne Clapperton

Yvonne Clapperton, an amazing ambiance painter, whose work focuses on the flora and fauna of our beautiful Northland. Yvonne has been under tuition from Elena Nikolaeva and attributes her progress over the last six years to her.

“Quiet Reflection” by Yvonne Clapperton

Edie Chappell

Edie Chappell is a spiritually inspired, mixed media artist, whose distinctive style of work uses an intuitive layering technique. Her work incorporates different worlds, connections, communication, strength, journeys, light, dark and mystery.  This exhibition was a combination of all these portrayed in different styles and media.

“Floating” by Edie Chappell

Anne Evers

Anne Evers has been painting for over 15 years and has developed a style of her own using bright colours and bold shapes, colours and light are very important to her. She is constantly impressed with her achievements, only taking up painting after reaching retirement.

“A Ship in Trouble” by Anne Evers

June 2021:

This month we celebrated the retrospective work of Gerry Greenwood, lovingly presented by Janinka Greenwood, along with three other Northland Artists with their own exhibitions, Graham Rosenberg, Malcolm Burrell and Jenny de Weyer. 

Gerry Greenwood spent his life seeking to know the world through making art with a burning inner fire driving him to know, understand and engage. Although known predominantly as a potter, he loved playing with form using a wide variety of materials such as clay, wood, paper, metal and paint. Thank you for coming to celebrate with us as we took a retrospective look at his life’s work. 

Graham Rosenberg is a self-taught painter who enjoys both acrylic and oils. His work is predominantly general scenery centered around water, bush, and buildings but also enjoys doing portraits and surrealism. Graham has done some beautiful works from around Whangarei.

“The Old Boatsheds” by Graham Rosenberg

 Malcolm Burrell and Jenny de Weyer showed us a wonderland of wood in their exhibition. They met several years ago through Whangarei’s woodturning group and have regularly put on small exhibitions of their work together. You may recognise Malcolm’s work as he supplies our Art Gallery Shop with many beautiful wood pieces. Jenny is also a painter, working with both acrylic and oils and will had a selection of both her wood and paintings on display. 

“Rosewood Platter” by Malcolm Burrell and “Vase” by Jenny de Weyer

May 2021:

– A four week exhibition from 4 different artists including emerging artist Darren Beaudene-Hita, two Northtec Students, Isaiah Rameka and Ngawaina Grace-Timu along with established artist Suzanne Liddall.

This May we were privileged to launch emerging artist, Darren-Beaudene Hita (Beau). He started many years ago illustrating cartoon and anime characters but due to unforeseen circumstances was not able to pursue his passion. Now, after a few years, Beau is back chasing his dreams with his first solo exhibition here at Reyburn Gallery. His style focuses on character creation with fantasy, and surreal themes on both paper and canvas. He is also looking to expand into 2D and 3D animation along with digital artwork. 

“Meow Meow” by Darren-Beaudene Hita

Along with Beau, we were also very lucky to have two of NorthTec’s students opening shows in the front half of the Gallery. Isaiah Rameka and Ngawaina Grace-Timu are presenting a selection of their portraiture works for us.

Ngawaina Grace-Timu has recently shown at Megan Dickinson Gallery and with her ambition to push boundaries with style she is constantly searching to capture moments and emotions with her use of colour and textured layers. She is heavily influenced by the value of Wahine Toa and Te ao Maori and is delving deeper to connect more to her culture.

“Wahine Mao Moko” by Ngawaina Grace-Timu

Isaiah Rameka’s paintings revolve a lot around culture. Isaiah’s work is about how his own maori heritage is portrayed by non-māori but also explores the struggles of other cultures who have trouble representing themselves, which are similar to his own. Issues such as discrimination, racial profiling and stereotyping which create division within us but he hopes through his making, that the audience become aware and shows no prejudice towards these cultures.

“Self portrait” by Isaiah Rameka

The final artist that rounds off this fantastic four, is Suzanne Liddall. Suzanne has been painting in oils for several years, but also likes to experiment with acrylics, pastels, gouache and watercolours. Her palette is mostly vivid, strong, and energetic colours that ‘pop off the canvas’ but off the spectrum, she also delves into monochromatic art which she finds quite soothing to the spirit. She believes all art comes from the soul and that it shows one’s persona much more than their outward appearance does. Suzanne had limited prints available of all of her works alongside an original piece that was on display.

“Ford Country” by Suzanne Liddall

April 2021:

– A four week exhibition from Riverside Painters


March 2021:

– A six week exhibition from Vjekoslav Nemesh and students


– March 2 – April 11

– A three week exhibition from Donna Shadick, Jeanette Vickers & Leslie Cleary


– March 23 – April 11

We recently had a split gallery with two exhibitions running side by side, Vjekoslav Nemesh, with a few of his students were in the back half of the Gallery with the exhibition called “FROM THE SOUTH TO THE NORTH, with the front half of the Gallery full of works of art from Artists: Donna Shadick, Jeanette Vickers & Leslie Cleary. Both Donna and Leslie are predominantly oil painters whilst Jeanette has developed a gel on glass technique that has been photographed, very interesting! Their exhibition was titled “THREE ARTISTS, TWO SHORES”.


If you love his work you will absolutely love Nemesh’s workshops! Take a weekend class with Vjekoslav

February 2021:

– A three week exhibition from the Bay of Island Painters


– Feb 2 – March 7

For the next four weeks we have the Bay of Island Painting Group on display at Reyburn House.

Please come and enjoy a gallery walkthrough with the group on Thursday 4th Feb from 10:30am.

The Bay of Islands Painting Group has been going for at least 40 years.
The members meet weekly on a Thursday at the Waitangi Yacht Club, from where there are beautiful views of the Bay. The members come from the wider Bay of Islands area, including Paihia, Opua, Kerikeri, Waimate North and currently Cable Bay. And in the past, also from Russell and Okiato.

Membership to the group is limited to thirty, and the age, ability and experience of the members is varied. Beginners and more professional artists work happily together, and because of the friendship and camaraderie within the group, help and advice is often asked for, and freely given to all who wish it. Most weeks see the “artists” working on their own paintings, but they do have the occasional workshop on a variety of mediums and topics. Also at least twice a year, we take the time to go on day trips visiting other galleries, which is an enriching experience.

January 2021:

– A three week exhibition by two separate artists


“Strength and Freedom”

– Jan 12 – Feb 1
“Treasure”- Kellie Edwards

I am a figurative and landscape artist based in Northland producing work in both oils and soft pastels.

Auckland Technical Institute is where I studied Art and Design full time, then took up a scholarship at Auckland Society of Arts majoring in painting. I have won awards in national and international art competitions and this year have been juried an associate member of the Pastel Society of America.

My aim is to create beautiful reminders to prioritise the moments in the everyday that give some lift and nourish our spirits.  Moments of awe in the landscape, moments of connection, special quiet moments of reflection and moments celebrating big leaps of faith – all points to remember and treasure. 

Art isn’t only a means of expression, it is also a means of exploring and learning.   This exhibition “Strength and Freedom” is a collection of pieces predominantly using female figures, fabric and light to express abstract concepts.  Created both as personal messages and as encouragement to others, these paintings are intended to inspire the viewer to think compassionately and encouragingly toward themselves.



– Jan 12 – Feb 1
“Parihaka” (2012) – Sandra Meyst

I’m a Wellington born, Whangarei artist, using sculpture and oil painting to express ideas. I completed the Northtec Visual Arts degree in 2008, majoring in sculpture. I was a finalist in the Objective Art awards 2009. I was a participating artist in Collaborationz 2011, and a participating sculptor in the first two Whangarei Sculpture symposiums. My public sculpture “Parihaka” (2012) is based on the historical Pa sites of Parihaka. It references both a toki (adze) and the profile of the summit. The desire to create a wider narrative steered me from sculpture to painting in 2012. The Origins exhibition includes oil paintings from the last 8 years. The title refers to the journey towards knowing one’s genealogy/ whakapapa and hence belonging.

December 2020:

– A six week exhibition

Our annual summer Art’s Society Exhibition. Members are invited to submit up to two pieces that they have completed in the last year to be a part of this exhibition. The exhibition is open to anyone with a current membership with the Northland Society of Arts. If you are interested in becoming a member check out our sign up page. Annual costs are kept low and the community of artists are always willing to help support others on their creative journey.

November 2020:

– A four week exhibition

Whangarei Heads Art Trail! (W.H.A.T)

Due to COVID and the March lockdown the W.H.A.T. team couldn’t have their normal open studios all over the Whangarei Heads so they did the next best thing and held a group exhibition here at Reyburn House!

It was a wonderful, variety filled, exhibition and the Reyburn Crew were very happy to be able to help all the artists to showcase their work all under one roof for this year.

November 2020:

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– A three week exhibition

In a celebration of creativity, the Whangarei Camera Club chose images of their choice in this three week exhibition.

Whangarei Camera Club meet twice a month and provide a space for learning new camera skills. There is ample opportunity to learn and be inspired to try taking photos of something different. Images can be submitted for critiquing and feedback is often invaluable to help photographers progress.  

The Camera Club had an official opening night where potential members were welcome to join them.

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– A two week exhibition

Pottery Exhibition by the Firebirds group

Official opening with wine and nibbles was on Tuesday 20th October @ 5pm, all were welcome.

The challenge was to create pieces that represented a film, book or play. It did not have to be literal. It is amazing what the creative artistic mind can conjure up! Caution was thrown to the wind and humorous, serious and out of the box interpretation were created.

The Firebirds is a thirty strong group of beginners and experienced potters meeting a few times a week in smaller groups to socialise and have fun with clay.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Anne-Hui.png

– A nine week exhibition

Anne Hui put together a unique collection inspired by the pandemic that is ravaging our world

She has created COVID cards, to send a positive message in a time of turbulence.

The collection is available in its entirety for purchase to symbolise community and a response to the call for us all stand together.

A unique set of 100 New Zealand Limited edition COVID-19 cards: $10,000

If you do want to break the “bubble” individual cards are available for $100 each

Anne Hui is available for a variety of one off cards, individually and in sets of 10, if you would to get in touch with her please message or email:

Anne Hui

Phone: 027-AHA-4050


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Anne-Hui-pic.-png.png

October 2020:

– A three week exhibition

“In my latest exhibition Animals And Mankind  I wanted to convey for the viewer the beauty, grace, power and mystery that surrounds many of the large animals, significant to mankind through the ages. This includes some fun paintings I really enjoyed creating, featuring birds wearing jewellery.  Adorned with these emblems, they are an allegorical look at the way we often anthropomorphize birds we include in our lives.” – Donna Shadick

– A three week exhibition

Melissa Bell only exhibited solo for the first time last year but since that successful exhibition she has thrown herself into her work and came back this year with a larger schedule of solo exhibitions in Northland and Auckland. Melissa owes her success to her own enjoyment of nature and by capturing as much detail as she can.

Along with receiving a couple of awards for her work, Melissa has also been in demand for tutoring art classes, which she could be possibly persuaded to restart.

Her exhibition at Reyburn House was called “Inspired by Nature” in which she shares her love of the natural world with viewers.

Melissa Bell


September 2020:

– A four week exhibition

Gwyn has been associated with the Northland Society of Arts for a couple of years now and is a familiar face around Reyburn Gallery and Art Studio. Gwyn has put together a body of work that gives viewers multiple interpretations so that each painting can involve the viewer in a unique and changing journey into their own story.

“Art can constitute a dialogue between the abstract inner world of thoughts ideas and emotion and the outer world of form, and structure. It can form a bridge between the inner worlds of two or more separate consciousness’s. My intention is always the creation of experience through art that stimulates, intrigues and invokes response and participation within the viewer. I aim for a moment caught between the work and the viewer that imbues a sense of ‘transcending    the ordinary’ and confers ownership of the experience back to the perceiver.” -Gwyn Connolly



A three week exhibition of Fun, Fancy and Frivolity

Lynda Bell may be a familiar name to many of you, and so she should! Lynda was the overall winner of last year’s Calendar Competition who has worked furiously from her studio, over at the Quarry Arts Centre, over the past year to create a whole body of work for this exhibition.

“Picnics are a time to relax and enjoy life. They are a great way to come together as a family, a group of friends or to have a romantic tryst. My memories of picnics are always embedded with fun and joy. The food is tasty, the people are relaxed and smiling and the scenery is inspiring” –Lynda Bell

This exhibition plan sparked when Lynda painted the painting: ‘Forest Picnic’ for the Northland Arts Society Annual Calendar competition. It won first prize and ended up on the cover of this year’s calendar. As soon she I painted it, she wanted to paint more. Forest Picnic is focused on animals that live in New Zealand, so she decided to paint groups of animals from various parts of the world – all coming together for a picnic of sorts – a gathering in celebration of life, oneness and liberation. The food within the paintings, symbolise sweetness and joy, with fruit in particular symbolising abundance.

This exhibition is for people of all ages. A love of colour, joy and cuteness should never leave us as we grow older, and can always come back to us, to bring new light and happiness into our lives.




August 2020:


NSA Members came together with an exceptional exhibition of colourful artwork. Each piece of artwork in the Gallery was initially entered as a digital photograph to be judged by, Dr Maggie Buxton and Juliana Hoogenveen. Between the two of them they decided their top 13 favourite entries which Reyburn House has made into a Calendar of Northland Artwork. The artists selected were kept in the dark until opening night where the winners were announced along with a presentation of the finished calendar for them. Calendars are now on sale at Reyburn House, why not pop in and have a look at all the original artwork alongside the digital images that Northland Artists have produced.

1st Place Prize Winner

Sharen Watson

I start a painting by playing with colours and lines. Marks are made, the canvas turned, the evolving image viewed up close and from a distance. Eventually subject matter begins to evolve. This may reflect places I’ve visited, things I’ve seen and heard, and sights and senses of everyday life. Or, it may just be purely imaginative

Acrylic -“Hinterland 2020”

2nd Place Prize Winner

Ross Mann

The old truck wreck in my painting is symbolic of the step back in time which one feels when driving through Kauri Mt Reserve and on down to the beach

Oil – “End of the Road”

3rd Place Prize Winner

Alice Furrell

I’m a Whangarei based Mixed Media artist. My inspiration comes from the beauty in nature, and I often paint from images of my garden (or others gardens). I enjoy extremely textured works and love to incorporate stitching and fabrics. “Winter From My Window” captures the highlight of winter in my garden, wax eyes devouring Aloe Thraskii, an amazing burst of colour and energy on a tranquil winters day

Mixed Media – “Winter from my Window”

The above are the top three cash prize winners for the competition and below are the artists who also won a place in the Calendar this year. Congratulations!

4th Place: Patricia Brickell “Tea and Toast”
5th Place: Di Badham “Keeping Watch”
6th Place: Graham Rosenberg  “Old Houseboats Whangarei”
7th Place: Robyn Hallberg “Northland Treasurers”
8th Place: Pamela Harden “Early Morning Low Tide”  
9th Place: Tina Seifarth “Laundry Day – Gone with the Wind”
10th Place: La La Land “Cows”
11th Place: Alan Jones “Reconstructed Life”
12th Place: Jane Gavin “Colourscape”
13th Place: Janice Clifton-Wykes “Untitled”  

While the exhibition was on we asked members of the public to vote for their favourite piece of artwork. When the exhibition closed the votes were counted and the people chose …. it was a tie!

“Words on Fire” – June 2020



Many years of struggling to make sense of the world has led Graham to express himself in poetry and in pictures. From a store of thousands of photographs that he has built up over many years, he has begun, through digital manipulation of these photos, to try and show something of the portals into other worlds and other states of being that he experiences.

“I hope that others who view my creations will find worlds of their own to explore” – Graham Johnson

Graham was joined by fellow artist Winslow who had a selection of his colourful watercolours on display also

“Road Trip” June 2020


“Road Trip”

Matt Hudson is an avid photographer and motorbike enthusiast. His exhibition detailed in pictures his story of an epic three month journey across the USA along Route 66. He was lucky enough to have a few friends and relatives join him at various stages to ride with him. Matt’s actual bike was on show here in Reyburn House but with only half the luggage he carried as he said the whole amount looked too comical for his exhibition.

Matt’s photographic work is a beautiful balance of man-made and the natural world and well worth a look!


Sharing the exhibition space was Maggie Cross who had our central corridor. She updated her work for the final three weeks of her exhibition. Maggie is downsizing her home and needs to find new forever homes for her artwork.

“Standing Tall”


Patricia Brickell had the final exhibition space this month with an exhibition titled “Standing Tall”. Patricia’s artwork is larger than life, vibrant and colourful. She purposefully took the back rooms of the gallery to create an intimate setting for you to be immersed in her work.

Three Different Exhibitions on for Three Weeks only!

Friday Painters – “Well-Oiled

Maggie Cross

Patricia Brickell – “Standing Tall”

We split the Gallery into thirds, for an exceptionally colourful packed set of exhibitions.

Patricia Brickell’s artwork is so large and colourful that we overflowed onto the veranda, you would definitely not have missed her artwork as your walked the Whangarei Town Basin loop walkway.

Inside Reyburn House, the first two rooms were taken by a lively group of oil painters with their exhibition titled “Well-Oiled”. They showed for the first time as a group a selection of their artwork. This group also made prints of each of their artwork into exhibition special gift cards and have a great display on the wall as you enter Reyburn House.

At the very centre of Reyburn we had wonderfully creative Maggie Cross whose collage and mixed media works invite you in for a closer look. The Corridor exhibition space lends itself well to Maggie’s style of work and as she has cut prices dramatically her work is set to fly off the walls.

Another artist whose artwork everyone just can’t get enough of is international artist Patricia Brickell. Her exhibition titled “Standing Tall” is larger than life, vibrant and colourful. She purposefully took the back two rooms of the gallery to create an intimate setting for you to be immersed in her work. With crafted music softly playing and a screen displaying her poems it is an immersive experience to walk around her exhibition.

Patricia will be at the Gallery on and off during her exhibition which will be up for a total of six weeks. If you do pop down to Reyburn Gallery to have a look you may catch Patricia just ‘finishing’ some work!

Beaches, Boats & Birds

Beaches, Boats & Birds at Reyburn House featured four Bay of Island painters, Judy Hunter, Sandy Wright, Beryl Edwards & Zandra Pirie.

This show is joined by a selection of work from our Arts Society members.

VISION 20/20

The CollaboratioNZ trust run a ten day art camp at Mt Manaia and auction off their creations once every two years. Artists come from around the world to work together in stone, wood, metal, clay, paint, fibre, glass and precious metals.

The Collab group obviously inspire each other so much that in their “down” year they have decided to hold a special exhibition here at Reyburn House.

This CollaboratioNZ exhibition has given the artists the opportunity to collaborate over a longer period of time. Some pieces were made by artists working together at the same time, others were passed from artist to artist as they progressed and others were made in pieces in different mediums by different artists to be assembled. Also included are some individual artists works to show how styles transform as artists work together.

Collaborating is a transformative process that helps artists to connect with each other and develop their own style and processes. If you would like to apply to be a part of Collab 2021 contact them at or visit

“Light, Earth & Fire”

This exhibition explored the colours, landscapes, legends and life of New Zealand through the eyes of five Whangarei Artists. These dynamic elements were brought together through print, paint, photography and ceramics, each artist bringing their own special insight into the beauty and culture of our native country

Below are examples of the work we had on display from each of the artists

Sheila Blackburn – Ceramics

Leslie Cleary – Oil Painting

Dulcie Hering – Printmaker

Shelly Linehan – Photography

Kathryn Millard – Pastel & Watercolour

Whangarei Heads School

The Children worked hard all year designing and making some very awesome pieces of artwork. The gallery was full of fun and colour with all of it for sale.

We were also joined for this short two weeks by a special group of people that have put some great time and effort into a project called ” Fantasy Houses”. They have worked with ‘The Papermill’ to produce some beautiful paper houses.

Di West & Judy Hunter

Di West presented “I Look You, You Look Me”

Di West presented a unique exhibition of dramatic portraits. What did the eyes tell you? What were they thinking?

Di did a one-off Artist talk at Reyburn House. Many came along and joined Di as she took them around the Gallery on a special tour!

Judy Hunter presented “Ashore Now”

Judy is an experienced world sailor who came to shore to showcase her beautiful beach landscapes in her first solo exhibition. Many came and enjoyed her work as she came “ashore now”.


August 20 – Sept 29

The Gallery was full of colour and variety!

The Northland Society of Arts hosted our annual Calendar Competition for all the members of the Society with all entries being judged and the winners made into a calendar.

We had a great number of entries this year and such a variety of work. The judges had a hard time deciding but in the end awarded their top 13. The top three won cash prizes and all entries were on display in an exhibition here at Reyburn House.

During the exhibition we ran a “People’s Choice Award”, where visitors could vote for their favourite artwork. The winner of this award went to Gitte Dibley for her painting “Waiting for the Storm”.

Well done to all that entered, we hope to see you all again for next years Calendar competition.

First place winner – Lynda Bell

Second place winner – Adrienne Dietrich

Third place winner – Janice Clifton-Wykes

People’s Choice winner – Gitte Dibley

“Paradise lost” and Photographic Exhibition

July 15 – August 18

This month was quite special. We had the travelling Solander “Paradise Lost” exhibition alongside Whangarei’s Rotary Club Rural School Photographic competition

We celebrated the 250th Anniversary of Captain Cook arriving in New Zealand with a special dual exhibition. We had the honour or showing the travelling exhibition “Paradise Lost”, a group exhibition to commemorate the contribution naturalist Daniel Solander made to New Zealand’s history. Alongside this we had our own Rotary club of Whangarei who have organised a fantastic rural schools photographic competition whos photos will filled the other half of the gallery.

Winners of the Rotary competition

June 18 – July 14

Patricia Brickell

International Soundpainting artist Patricia Brickell filled the walls with an amazing intuitive colourful journey. We were immersed into Patricia’s colourful world. Patricia’s work sold like hotcakes!

Ann Montier

Ann Montier’s beautiful artwork is instantly recognisable and very memorable. Her style is unique and has a vintage feel to it. We love having her work on display and she often displays as part of our Member Gallery displays.

Malcolm Burrell and Jenny de Weyer

Two great artists who are primarily wood turners filled a gallery room with a mixture of wall and table art. The time and level of skill to produce these works is very noticable with the high standard of output

Vicki Leeuwenburg & NSA Members

May 28 – June 16

This was an amazingly colourful exhibition. Local talented figurative artist Vicki Leeuwenburg took up half the gallery with a stunning solo exhibition whilst the other half showcased our amazing talent from all over Northland with our NSA Members.

Douglas Chowns

May 1 – May 26

“Enduring of Suffering”

This solo exhibition by the international artist Douglas Chowns is a
“hommage to those who hurt physically or mentally and expect no help or change”

The works on display here at Reyburn house were completed within a year and a day and started on the Celtic festival of “Beltaine” on May 1st 1993.

Douglas is celebrating his 82nd Birthday with his revisit to this series on social realism.

At the opening night, on the significant date of May 1st, Douglas performed a ritual where the paintings, which cover very powerful themes, were slashed in order to release the suffering bringing peace to this section of his life’s work.

To Douglas, art is life. He is a realist, painter and thinker who remains true to his heritage.

Bay of Islands Painting Group

9 April – 28 April 2019

The Bay of Islands painting group has been meeting regularly for over 40 years.

“We usually have around 30 talented members who share a passion for art. A few of those members have been involved right from the start and still pass on their knowledge and experience to the rest of the group.”

The group meets weekly at the Waitangi yacht club, an amazing venue. They meet to share ideas, workshops and their love of painting and drawing and of course the occasional group lunch.

For more information about our group please contact;
Sandy      021 1828199

Mandy Wood – Stained Glass

19 March – 7 April 2019

Mandy Wood, well known for her beautiful hand painted stained glass work, set up some magnificent pieces and priced them to go! it was well worth a look at her gorgeous work. We were also lucky to be able to extend the exhibition held by the NSA members for another three weeks and so the other half of Reyburn House continued to be blessed with quality artwork produced by our local Northland Artists.

NSA Members Exhibition

25 February – 7 April (including extension)

We had an amazing selection of new and unseen artwork from the members of the Northland Society of Arts on show at Reyburn House.
If you are interested in becoming a member with pick up a form when you visit or apply online in the “Membership” section


5 – 24 February 2019

Three artists have come together to exhibit their stunning work!

Adrienne Dietrich, Deva Prem & Maggie Cross showcase a selection of their favorite work here at Reyburn House Art Gallery. Interesting techniques and a variety of medias highlight the various talents of these ladies.


Members Exhibition — 18th December 2018 – 12th January 2019

Members of the Northland Society of Arts  (NSA) have come together to produce a fantastic array of artwork that is now on display at Reyburn House Art Gallery. As always, it is free entry, but we welcome any donations.

Members “FLORAL” Exhibition — 27th November – 16th December 2018

Members of the Northland Society of Arts have put together a fantastic array of floral themed artwork.  Come support and buy from your talented local Northland artists by visiting Reyburn House Gallery.

If you would like to be a part of our next exhibition it’s open to all members of the Northland Society of Arts (NSA). Subscription is only $35 with added discounts for family, seniors and students. Apply online or collect a form when you come view the latest “Floral” exhibition. (



“CELEBRATING 60 YEARS” — 30th – 25th November 2018


A special commemorative exhibition highlighting the Northland Society of Arts’ (NSA) history through the lens of its permanent collection – a historical sweep of artists and styles from the 1890s.

ART OF DISTINCTION  — 9th – 28th October 2018

A selection of fine oil artwork from the winner of the people’s choice, Janice Clifton Wykes.

Old Bedford

CALENDAR COMPETITION — 3 – 30th September 2018

This exhibition is showcasing all those entries that were submitted for our 2019 calendar. Dougie Chowens selected 13 from all the entries to make up the calendar, which is available for purchase now. Please join in and fill out your People’s Choice vote.

Calendar Competition

Sunday 8th July Aoteroa QUILTERS

19th June to Sunday 8th July 2018

Natural wonders of the World Quilt Challenge

Some of the 90 Quilters exhibiting using their own personal artistic quilt style. Extended due to popularity . . .

10 JULY: “Rotary Club of Whangarei South – Photographic Winners and Commended Exhibition”

10th July to Sunday 29th July 2018

Tauraroa Area School and Nga Kura mo Te ako O Whangarei Kahui Ako 4 (community learning 4).

The Competition aims to encourage young people to experiment with photography, use digital or traditional methods of photography, show interpretation of topic and express their ideas through the medium of photography.

The works shown are the Winners and Commended from the over 60 photographs submitted.

 10 JULY: Artist Adrienne Dietrich  Exhibition “RUST 

10th July to Sunday 29th July 2018

“I began painting in the early1980’s as a raw beginner, “couldn’t draw a straight line”. l started by using oil paints, then graduated with pastels and now  . . . .anything goes!

In recent years, the works of the Expressionists, their strong use of colour and line, has given my work a new vibrancy and strength. l use a variety of paint mediums nowadays, my favourites being watercolour, gouache, pastels and pen& wash”.

>Click here to view our past exhibitions.

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