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Calling for Volunteers

Volunteering has always been viewed as good for your soul. Now it turns out that it’s also good for your health and surprisingly, you don’t need to devote huge chunks of time to do well. Never doubt that a thoughtful and committed group of volunteers can make things work.
It is rewarding being involved with the beautiful Heritage NSA Reyburn House gallery with new exhibitions every month while interacting with local artists and local and overseas visitors in such a lovely setting.
The gallery is in a prime location in the Town Basin and regularly attracts visitors who enjoy hearing about the history of Reyburn House and who in turn share their stories and life experiences and why they are visiting the gallery.
The Northland Society of Arts has a core group of members who work hard to keep the gallery open however we desperately need to expand our numbers.

Apart from greeting visitors, there are many tasks that need to be done to ensure exhibitions and members works are displayed suitably, to ensure our records are up to date and to maintain the pristine appearance of the gallery and surrounds.

It would also be beneficial if we were able to expand our opening hours and give more exposure to the exhibitions and the Gallery. We currently open Tuesday to Friday 10am-4pm and Saturday & Sunday 1pm-4pm. Volunteers do a 3 hour shift: either 10am-1pm or 1pm-4pm.

Ideally we want to have 2 volunteers together in the gallery at all times, to add to security and as supportive company for each other. We have introduced a mentorship support program for all new volunteers to ensure they feel comfortable in their new role. So if you want to give volunteering a go we will ensure that someone is here with you so you enjoy helping to run the gallery while being a member of a devoted group.

Please download the Expression of Interest volunteer form here and return to Reyburn House, alternatively ring any member of the sub-committee for volunteers: Beb Hearn 974 8860; Amanda Keir 432 9800 / 022 391 2650 or Els Van Drunen 027 467 9181.

Heritage Rose delegation to visit

Plan your entries now to contribute to this special November exhibition, which will highlight the visit of a large delegation from the Heritage Rose Society to Reyburn House and our own heritage rose gardens.  Last date for acceptance of work for this exhibition will be Given nearer the time in November. Get in touch with the Gallery for more info on this special occasion.


Unsung heroes; Jennifer Wilson-Stewart

Jennifer Wilson-Stewart, a member of our NSA Council, has committed hours and hours of work over many years to the photographing, cataloguing and general care and maintenance of our Permanent Collection and its associated records

She has also brought her well-known thoroughness to cataloguing, and making accessible, our extensive library of art publications and videos.  Besides her Council role as assistant Treasurer, she voluntarily turns her hand to a whole lot of other day to day administrative tasks.


Volunteer at the NSA

The Society is always needing volunteers to do various jobs to help keep it running. All sorts of jobs from cleaning to sorting paperwork. So if you have a few minutes to spare and would like to be of some help please contact us or come in to the gallery and leave your name and contact phone number.

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