Jan 12 – Feb 1

“Parihaka” (2012) – Sandra Meyst

I’m a Wellington born, Whangarei artist, using sculpture and oil painting to express ideas. I completed the Northtec Visual Arts degree in 2008, majoring in sculpture. I was a finalist in the Objective Art awards 2009. I was a participating artist in Collaborationz 2011, and a participating sculptor in the first two Whangarei Sculpture symposiums. My public sculpture “Parihaka” (2012) is based on the historical Pa sites of Parihaka. It references both a toki (adze) and the profile of the summit. The desire to create a wider narrative steered me from sculpture to painting in 2012. The Origins exhibition includes oil paintings from the last 8 years. The title refers to the journey towards knowing one’s genealogy/ whakapapa and hence belonging.

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