Now showing: “From the Earth” by The Firebirds

    18th April to 7th May 2017

    The Firebirds and their Fledgling potters present the amazing creations they have produced in the Reyburn Pottery Studio. The Fledglings led by Wendy Cunliffe and Lesley Kelly have enjoyed six lessons over six weeks and experienced thumb pots, coil pots, soft slab, hard slab and glazing all of which have culminated in their work being exhibited.
    Such a talented group of beginners influenced in many ways by the more experienced Firebirds, some of whose work is also on display.
    Clay and wood are the main elements on display. Mixing clay with fire, clay with wood and incorporating various glazing techniques. Nature provides the mediums, we create the art.
    Alongside these works are some examples of Granville Howarth’s woodturning and he has also collaborated with the Firebirds, accessorising their pieces. Granville is a master craftsman woodturner whose exquisite work is displayed or owned by galleries and homes throughout New Zealand and the UK.
    Granville has also put his talents to good use in Reyburn Studio making wooden tools for the Firebirds and Fledglings to use.

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