Now showing: “Turned and Burned” by Justin Murfitt

    Tuesday 24 July to 13 August 2017

    I have worked with wood since 1998 and have training in joinery, cabinet making and wood turning. I have a strong interest in traditional woodworking and sculpture and like tocombine elements of both. I try to display the beauty of wood, to be original and use the minimum material necessary.
    I have also created purely sculptural work in other material at times. I was co-designer of the Whangarei Sails at the southern entrance to Whangarei in 2002. I have also designed anotherpublic art work ‘Landfall’ installed at the Whangarei Town Basin Sculpture Park in2011. My role in both these public art pieces included concept development, detailed design and supervising construction and installation.
    I have previously exhibited at several Northland galleries, including Helena Bay Gallery, Tuatara Design Store, Reyburn House and On the Edge Gallery. I also regularly contribute to the Hospice Art Auction.
    • 2002 Co-designer Whangarei Sails Entrance Feature
    • 2004 Certificate in Joinery, furniture and cabinetry, Northland Polytechnic
    (Scholarship award)
    • 2005 Invited artist: 3D Show, Reyburn House& Burning Issues Gallery, Whangarei
    • 2011 Landfall (Seagull seats), Town Basin Sculpture Park, Whangarei (and subsequent installations on the Hatea Loop walk)
    • 2013 Selected artist Kaipara Coast Sculpture Trail
    • 2014 Selected artist Harbour View Sculpture Trail (Te Atatu Peninsula)
    • 2014 Selected artist NZ Sculpture On Shore (indoor gallery)

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